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  1. sebastian323

    Trouble installing front spring on 1996 4x4 Ranger - is a spring compressor needed?

    Hello, I am installing a set of leveling springs (+1.5 inches) on my 1996 4x4 Ranger. I currently have managed to extract the old spring. However, I am having trouble slipping the new springs in. So far I have removed the shocks, the sway bar end links, the old coil spring, and the tie rod ball...
  2. sebastian323

    Swapping a 2007-2011 steering wheel into my 1996 XLT

    So it appears the 2007-11 wheel will bolt up to my 1996 truck. I am wondering if the cruise control buttons/ wiring will be compatible. I read the airbag in the 2007+ trucks are double stage, and that you need to select one of the airbag stages to run in a single stage airbag older truck...
  3. sebastian323

    Change clutch forks on M50D-R1 without dropping transmission - 1996 XLT

    My friend recently changed the M50D-R2 clutch forks in his 1991 ford f150 by removing an access panel in the cabin. I am wondering if I can do the same on my M50D-R1 in my 1996 xlt 4x4. Also is there much difference in the floor pan between a 1996 2wd and 4x4 ranger extended cab.
  4. sebastian323

    Cab swap on a 1996 4x4

    I bought a rolled 4x4 1996 ranger for $550 and I am considering buying a new cab at a salvage yard or sourcing a cheap donor truck. Will the RWD extended cab of the same year bolt in ? I imagine i need to port over all the electronics and wiring from the 4x4 cab. My other option is to replace...
  5. sebastian323

    Afghan National Army Ford Rangers

    Anyone know the details on the rangers provided to the Afghan National Army by the US Government which are now in Taliban hands ? Are the 4x4 or 2WD ? Automatic or manual ? Do they have air conditioning ?
  6. sebastian323

    Is this clutch releasing properly ? 1996 4.0L 5spd

    My 1996 Ford Ranger XLT 4.0L 5speed manual 4x4 has a lot of trouble changing gears once the engine is on. If the engine is off it will change gears smoothly. Here is a video of the throw-out bearing moving back and forth when the clutch is pressed with the engine off. Do you guys think the...
  7. sebastian323

    Manual transmission hard to shift when engine is on

    My 1996 Ford Ranger 4x4 Manual (M5OD-R1) is easy to shift when the car is turned off. However, when the car is running it is very difficult to shift. Sometimes in order to get the car into first, I have to go into reverse, then engage first gear. I am guessing the problem is in the clutch...
  8. sebastian323

    P1151 check engine light - 1996 ranger 4.0 - possible wiring issue

    Hello, my ford ranger has a check engine light with the code P1151 Lack of Upstream Heated Oxygen Sensor Switch - Sensor Indicates Lean - Bank No. 2 This is the only code present. i just changed the driver side pre-catalytic O2 sensor with a brand new bosch unit. The old...
  9. sebastian323

    1996 Ford Ranger 4x4 Manual Transmission -M5OD-R1 - how tough is this trans ?

    Which transmission does the '96 manual 4x4 ranger have ? ANSWER: M5OD-R1 I am wondering how tough the unit is. Can it handle being launched / burnouts ? What is the maximum torque this unit can handle if another engine was swapped in or if the stock 4.0 was turbocharged. is it common to do swaps...
  10. sebastian323

    Entered deep water, anything I should be concerned with?

    I have a 1996 manual transmission 4x4 ford ranger 4.0L V6. Last night I attempted to ford a creek, but decided to turn back when the water began to reach the doors and cover the bumper. As I decided to turn back I stalled from letting the clutch go too suddenly. The truck sat in the water with...
  11. sebastian323

    Front differential leaking, safe to drive in 2WD mode with front hubs unlocked?

    My front differential on my 1996 4.0 4x4 5spd manual ranger xlt is leaking heavily , probably from the pinion seal. Can I leave the front hubs unlocked and 4x4 off and drive around even if the fluid in the front diff is low/empty while I get around to fixing the leak? Also, does transfer case...