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  1. For Sale 2.8L V6 and C3 trans for sale

    Hello all, I did a 351w swap into my 1983 Ranger about 1.5 yrs ago. I have the 2.8L V6 and C3 trans for sale. They were both rebuilt about 2.5 yrs ago and had around 10k miles when removed from the truck. Asking $1000 for both. I have more pics if interested. 2.8L had holley and duraspark II...
  2. 1983 351W/E4OD Swap

    Quick update, trucks been running great. Had some issues with original Sniper unit. Holley said it was s/w issues because my unit was so new when I did the swap. Anyway I sent it in, they loaded new software and has been running great since. Just put led light bar on. . ?
  3. 1983 351W/E4OD Swap

  4. New Holley 2 barrel TBI

    Has anybody seen the new Holley Sniper system? Its a 2 barrel plug and play TBI. It self learns and would be perfect for all the 2.8 and 2.9L's out there. I am running the 4 barrel Sniper on my 351w swap but thought you all should know about this new system. They have a version that comes with...
  5. 1983 351W/E4OD Swap

    New member - 09-Feb-17. Started a 351W swap a few weeks ago. Gonna be running a E4OD automatic trans. I obtained the engine from a 1996 Econoline van. The truck started as a 2.8L/C3 bone stock truck. I did a 2 barrel Holley carb swap a few years ago on the stock engine, never really ran...