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  1. Fixing my sons truck for school.

    Trucks fixed fellas! Literally just got back from a test drive after changing the fuel pump. Ran like a champ. Pressure test showed it was only running at 20 psi and it was intermittent at that. Can’t thank you guys enough for all the advice. Much appreciated👊🤙
  2. Fixing my sons truck for school.

    Hey bro sorry for the late reply. As soon as the engine light comes back on we’ll go have it read and see what it says now since we just replaced the cold air intake with the OEM intake. Put the code a week ago was saying PCV valve, which we replaced weeks ago.
  3. Fixing my sons truck for school.

    And thank you for moving the post to another section. Much appreciated.
  4. Fixing my sons truck for school.

    Seems to do it hot or cold really. The kid that owned it before us put a cold air intake on it and there was a vacuum leak there after the mass airflow sensor. We literally about an hour ago finished removing the cold air intake and installing a new OEM air filter housing, filter, duct, and...
  5. Fixing my sons truck for school.

    Man I really appreciate all the replies. I should’ve mentioned that I replaced both fuel filters also.
  6. Fixing my sons truck for school.

    I’m trying to fix a problem with my sons 2001 Ford Ranger 4x4 with a 4.0 V6 and an automatic. It’ll run perfect one trip at any speed with zero problems at all, and then the next trip it’ll hardly want to leave the housing development. When the problem happens it’s at maybe a quarter throw in...