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  1. think i need a longer driveshaft..

    open to recommendations on HD alum driveshafts
  2. think i need a longer driveshaft..

    hi everyone i need some advice/help! 2000 3.0 5spd. swapped in a 8.8 4.11 limited slip rear end, and installed f31 deaver 10 leaf pck. everything went smooth until a few months of part time daily driving when my driveshaft started slipping out. added a pinion angle and went to buckle everything...
  3. axle shifted?

    i do have a slight pinion angle, just took a look at it and its angled down, thats my fault i shouldve known better. thanks for mentioning that, wouldve slipped my mind
  4. axle shifted?

    it slipped about 2-1/2 to 3 inches out. i torqued everything down once it was off jackstands, but i’ll probably end up shifting it back and doing it again anyways, so maybe i’ll catch something. i thought about adjusting the shock mounting points too, hoping it might help.
  5. axle shifted?

    2000 3.0 5spd, was driving and heard weird noise, got home and my slip yoke is starting to slip out of the trans. what could cause this? recently did an 8.8 swap and put deavers on, im positive everything was done correctly but wondering if i missed something. might switch up my shock mounting...
  6. e85

    my ranger is a FFV, and it runs a lot better with ethanol, which is why i dont wanna switch back to gasoline. revs a lot smoother with ethanol and idles lower, my gas mileage hasnt changed much with it tho which was a relief. all the cranking is just what concerns me but if i can find a way to...
  7. e85

    i recently got a new fuel pump, but once its up and running ill have to try that and hope for the best. thank u for the input!
  8. e85

    anyone here running ethanol? having issues with cold starts, and recently alternator went out, gonna replace with higher amp alt, but just wondering if anyone else on here ran into a similar issue when switching to e85 and how u went about troubleshooting. 2000 3.0 ranger, 5spd. ty
  9. e85

    wanted to update everyone: after some thinking and r&d and remembered that the guys i had bought the truck from had put in a new fuel pump, and guess what it wasnt the right pump, so when i put e85 in it fried my pump, i put a new one in and it runs better than it ever has. idles smooth, revs...
  10. e85

    hi everyone! first actual post on here so bare with me... 2000 ranger 3.0, 2wd manual trans recently learned that 99 and 2000 3.0 rangers take flex fuel, have the V in my vin too, so decided to go for it and fill up with e85 since theres a station right by my house. seems to be running a bit...