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  1. 1990 ford ranger 5 speed swap ecm

    Yea I figured the neutral safety switch, I just used a test light and found the wires in the auto trans harness and spliced them together. Probably not the best way but it works great. But ok I'll try using a manual ECM. Hopefully that brings the idle down. I really appreciate it
  2. 1990 ford ranger 5 speed swap ecm

    Yea I got the reverse lights working just a little splicing, but I never hooked up the clutch switch.
  3. 1990 ford ranger 5 speed swap ecm

    Hey guys, I have a 1990 Ford ranger 4.0 5 speed 4x4. I bought the truck for $200 and I drove it for a day and found out the transmission had a whole in the side of it. Long story short I did a manual swap with a fm146 out of a 89 ranger 2.9. It was a pretty straightforward swap, direct bolt in...