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  1. KasenLeigh90

    Relocating steering wheel cruise controls to aftermarket switches?

    Truck info: 1990 Ranger 2.3L w/ 5 speed TL: DR- Move steering wheel cruise controls to aftermarket switch panel???? I am going to install an aftermarket NRG steering wheel in my truck. There's nothing wrong with the stock one, I'm just going in a different direction with my build rather than...
  2. KasenLeigh90

    Are these stock or am i just living in a hole...?

    OK! I'm new here, and new to the ranger/ford scene. Usually a GM person, but I do have a soft spot for early '90's and older Ford Pickups, so please be a dick if you must, but lets not drag on shall we. This is my 1990 2.3L Lima. Has the 5spd, no 4wd. Are the steps on the side factory/an extra...