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  1. How To: Install Underdash Lights

    I recently decided to add more lights to the interior of my 89 Ranger, taking an idea used on F-150's I incorporated it into my ranger, this is how I did it. 1. Find some light sockets out of a donor vehicle, any Ford Truck will work, or car for that matter, I got mine out of an 86 Mercury...
  2. 1989 Ford ranger Stepside?

    I am wanting to change my regular box for a stepside box on my 89 Ranger. I want it to be as close as possible to the lines on the cab, did they make any stepside rangers from 1983 to 1992? if not then which boxes will fit my truck, its the basic 114 wb and regular cab. 7 ft box i believe. Any...
  3. Torx Bolts on Ranger beds

    I am getting ready to do the body work on my 89 Ranger, and I noticed that the bed is held in with Torx bolts (my 83 F-150 had actual nuts and bolts) and I would like to know if anyone knows the size of those bolts so I can buy the socket to fit it? Would a T-60 be too big/small?
  4. Tech Question: Speedometer

    Ok, I read and saw the diagram of the different gears for speedometers, my question is, what tire size(s) go with what gear? My gear is white, and my tires are 215/70R 14, would this be correct or am I using the wrong size tires? Also, my speedometer needle bounces up to 35 MPH, I notice the...