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  1. ryan

    TRS 20th Anniversary Trail Ride - Southington Offroad Park - Ohio

    I have a passenger seat open Will. It's hot and loud in the buggy, but it can be a lot of fun too
  2. ryan

    Three Letter Word Forum Search Problems

    using quotes is a great idea there
  3. ryan

    Looking for past photos and videos from TRS gatherings

    Spring round up 2004?
  4. ryan

    First ride of the year - here's my buggy on Otter's at Rausch Creek

    cold as hell in the morning, but great by the afternoon. Overall a great day
  5. ryan

    TRS 20th Anniversary Trail Ride - Southington Offroad Park - Ohio

    I'll be using a mopar to tow my chevy powered buggy that sports a TRS decal. I'm just hoping they dont run me out of camp!
  6. ryan

    Sponsor Giveaway Items

    Those first aid kits are really interesting. I need to get a new kit for the buggy this year and those look really solid. I've made a switch more towards carrying a trauma kit instead of a bunch of bandaids and some gauze. Do they offer a TRS discount?
  7. ryan

    Ford remote start system

    i was wiring in the dash cam for my F-250 and found a remote starter in the console (THIS one), but I don't have a remote start key. Is getting this active as simple as getting a new key fob that is compatible with it? Is there a test procedure I should do beforehand to make sure it works? Is...
  8. ryan

    2008 JKU armor build up

    The parts I've collected: Currie Anti-rock Rock Hard sport cage Rock hard skids (minus the muffler skid) This weekend i got 99% done with the cage. i need to put a couple more bolts in the uprights cause I damaged two of them but it's all in. One design thing i really disliked were the...
  9. ryan

    School me on portable air compressors

    I'm moving from an apt to a house, but the house doesn't have a garage. I'll have a decent sized shed for storing tools, etc. I've started looking at portable air compressors, but I'm really not familiar with them. What do I need to know? What brands are better than others? Is tank capacity...
  10. ryan

    Anyone near Atlanta?

    Who wants to go take a look at a jeep for me?? Got a JK i'm curious about and was hoping we have someone around there who could take a look at it for me Will happily trade some beers or a dinner if someone could do it
  11. ryan

    Saw an early 70s Chevelle that was crushed by a wrecking ball this morning

    Beautiful early 70s chevelle - black with racing stripes, SS badging. They're shooting some movie on my way to work, and today they must have done some stunts with a wrecking ball. I should have stopped to take a picture, but the tourists were bad enough with their gawking and I didn't want...
  12. ryan

    Anyone have Verizon FIOS?

    If you do, how do you like the speed? Is downtime a problem? What is the installation like? We don't have home phone service currently, and the installation details are confusing. I have zero experience with a service like it - have only had cable internet for broadband. We currently have time...
  13. ryan

    Windows Mobile applications

    What do I need on my phone that I'm not using yet? I like my omnia a lot, but there were things that annoyed me about the menu formatting etc. Today i finally broke down and installed spb mobile shell, and now i've got it the way i want it the only things i've installed on my phone are various...
  14. ryan

    mpeg2 editing

    I'm got a recorder for my ps3 game sessions, and it outputs into mpeg2 I need something to trim and output it different formats. Youtube and sharing within the clan are the destinations. Any suggestions? The only video editing stuff I've done is on avid machines or final cut pro. I'd like...
  15. ryan

    Anyone here work for UPS?

    I've got a question about alcohol delivery policy. They changed ours and I'm trying to figure out if it's just NY/NYC or all over. UPS customer service doesn't seem to know what's going on
  16. ryan

    domain registration - godaddy?

    I'd like to register a domain and host basically a single page on that domain will godaddy display that domain through the site? i've looked at them because they're so cheap - dont need much bandwidth
  17. ryan

    Advice for selling stuff on craigslist?

    I'm selling my old ps3 on craigslist. Any good suggestions about not getting burned? Never sold anything there before, and all the stuff I've bought/sold online has been from local people that I know, or people in the off road club that I trust I'm very skeptical of it all right now. Don't...
  18. ryan

    Anyone know a decent mechanic in the St. Louis area?

    Sounds like the tranny in my brother's S-10 is going, and he's looking for a decently priced/trustworthy mechanic in the area. I think trustworthy is probably more important than price, but that's just me