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  1. JohnnyO

    TRS 20th Anniversary Trail Ride - Southington Offroad Park - Ohio

    Overheard once on the CB: "JohnnyO, there's so much wax on your truck the mud is sliding off!"
  2. JohnnyO

    Will a 03 fx4 ranger 4.0 fit in a 99 4.0 without changing wiring or trans

    Depends if the 99 was a 4.0 OHV or 4.0 SOHC. The 03 engine will be a 4.0 SOHC. If the 99 was a 4.0 OHV then no.
  3. JohnnyO

    Any Experts on 2010 Sport Trac Electrical Systems here?

    Go to either or the Facebook page for Ford Explorer Sport Trac Owners. If Todd Z sees your post he will probably know.
  4. JohnnyO

    How does amazon stay in business?!

    I love it when I order something that costs $5 and they mail it from China and I have it in three days. They can't be making any money on that.
  5. JohnnyO

    2019 Ford Nationals carlisle Pa

    I was there, had my Sport Trac in the show field.
  6. JohnnyO

    Front Suspension Woes

    I like NAPA's Ultra Premium rotors and their ceramic pads. Always got good service from them. Gen 1 Trac shocks were junk when they were new, let alone 15 years later. Ball joints were always a weak spot.
  7. JohnnyO

    Dynomax exhaust muffler replacement

    Flowmaster DBX on my Sport Trac. I like it.
  8. JohnnyO

    What's the best cat back for decent sound

    I put a Gibson cat-back on my Sport Trac when it was practically new. Sounded good but kinda loud, picked up a few mpg. After 7 years the Gibson rusted a hole so I went with a Flowmaster DBX from Summit. A little more mellow but makes a V6 sound as good as it ever will.
  9. JohnnyO

    The 'Loan Ranger', and 2019 Ranger Adventure

    Kind of a 180 from when Ford wanted to sue you a few years ago for using the words "Ford" and "Ranger" on your website.
  10. JohnnyO

    Transfer Case Lube

    FYI. My '08 Trac will hit 150k this week and I've changed the t-case lube every 30k since new. Also previously on a Ranger and another Trac that I didn't keep as long. Here is what I've learned. If you look carefully the manual will tell you to change it every 60k. However if you drain it at 30k...
  11. JohnnyO

    Truxxx Lift

    Got myself a present for passing my national board exams a few months ago. AFAIK the only lift kit for '05-'10 Explorers and '07-'10 Sport Tracs. Truxxx makes a nice powder-coated strut spacer kit, 2.5" front and 1.5" rear. Cost about $230 and I paid about $200 to have it installed and an...
  12. JohnnyO

    Flowmaster Sound Clip

    Had a Gibson cat-back on my Sport Trac since it was only a couple months old but it got a split. Last month the muffler shop put on a generic Flowmaster 40 knock-off, sounded good outside but too damn loud on the inside. Replaced with a Flowmaster DBX that is supposed to have little interior...
  13. JohnnyO

    Daughter's Ride

    Got new wheels for my daughter's car for an early birthday present. Anzio black anodized, stock 15" size with the OE tires. OE rims have the snow tires on them. 2014 Fiesta, black metallic, she pays for it.
  14. JohnnyO

    Boo-jee Woo-jee Piano

    Hook you up with some Axel Zwingenberger. My brain doesn't even think as fast as his fingers move. miSAiwzPqkE
  15. JohnnyO

    Smart Car question

    Spent some time in Italy last year where the things are all over the place, plus I see a few here. While I suspect that Smart Cars are front wheel drive, I saw a number of them that the rear tires and wheels were larger than the fronts. Do they carry more weight in the rear since they are so...
  16. JohnnyO

    Lady Can Play The Sax

    Things you find on YouTube. Candy Dulfer. Besides being excruciatingly hot, she can play. The whole song is good, the last four minutes are incredible. c2ekyZAlD10&feature=related
  17. JohnnyO

    Car Humor

    Saw this guy on Top Gear and looked him up. A08D4l8pUzE&list=FLEJUZsglmPhUM2SKD7AdlOA&feature=mh_lolz
  18. JohnnyO

    Winter Driving Tips

    The subject usually comes up on several boards I belong to this time of year. IF this is your first 4x4 and you are not familiar with driving one in snow, keep these things in mind: 1. When you are turning on a snow covered road, it will want to go straighter than what you have the steering...
  19. JohnnyO

    Lego Explorer

    Ford assembly plant workers built a full-size Explorer replica out of Legos.
  20. JohnnyO

    Firestone Destination A/T

    Just an FYI since I'm buying my second set. Very quiet for an A/T, tread not especially aggressive, good in rain and snow, and last about 40,000 miles on the roads here, which is good for any tire. Also they don't cost a lot. Will go from Pittsburgh to Florida in a straight shot at +/- 80...