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  1. DieselTech07

    opinions on cooper STT and ss TSL tires

    I did a search but most of the posts were several years old, and I could not find anyone that had run both the cooper STT and super swamper TSL tires. my current tires are getting wore down and i am looking for new ones. I have been running 32/9.50/r15 supper swamper TSL tires, which have been...
  2. DieselTech07

    did ford make a 1999 2.5L 4x4?

    Hi I have a quick question I found a ranger for sale that the guy says is a 1999 ext cab 78,000 miles 2.5L 5 speed stick with 3.73 axle gears, he also says that it is a electric shift 4x4. he is the first owner. the truck is 3 hours away from me. I was wondering if any one knows what year ford...