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  1. kunar

    Has Anyone put a Hitch Receiver on the front of a first gen 4X4 Ranger (1983-1988)??

    find yourself an old reciever hitch, chop the brackets off and make it fit your needs. i did this one like 12 years ago
  2. kunar

    Kill the AC with Defrost on?

    Assuming we're talking about the 91 in your signature, I'd think it would be pretty easy. Something's gotta tell the a/c to come on when it's in defrost mode, so there's gotta be a switch somewhere you could intercept. In this pic i stole from ebay, it appears theres a microswitch that would be...
  3. kunar


    To rotate the bushing in your pic, they have to be pulled at least part way out. Theres a key that indexes them that fits into the little notches, you've gotta pull em out far enough that key clears before you will be able to turn it. Either way, they look like they're pretty close to 0 degrees...
  4. kunar

    Need, urgent, 1987 Ranger clutch hydraulic hose.

    I think this is the one you need, but I'm not 100% positive. If it looks right to you, you can have it for the cost of shipping. Notice one end is in kinda rough shape. PM me if you want it.
  5. kunar

    Alternatives for intermediate steering shaft 1992 2wd

    1984-1994 jeep cherokee steering shaft has ujoints on both ends and fits the steering column and gearbox. Only caveat is that the telescoping inner section needs to be cut down because the whole assembly is too long. It's pretty self explanatory once you've got it in your hands. This is what I'm...
  6. kunar


    I expected it to be some big scandal haha
  7. kunar

    (Yet another!) M5OD-R2 swap

    They're not exactly the same, they come up as different part numbers depending on what you look up. They'll bolt into either the m5r1 and m5r2 though. There's a couple different connector styles (black or gold) and I'm assuming they could be different bore sizes or maybe even stroke length...
  8. kunar

    (Yet another!) M5OD-R2 swap

    I'm working on a 351w swap in an 87 right now. I used an m5r2 from a 99-04 f150 (puts the shifter further back) and i used the clutch and flywheel from my donor f350. the master, slave and line were for a 2nd gen ranger with an m5r1. It's all in the truck, bolted together, looks like it should...
  9. kunar

    V8 Conversion Headers

    Without a pic of the situation i couldn't even guess. Maybe someone with a t5 can chime in. I hope youre talking about your clutch fork and not your shift fork though, if you're hitting your shift fork, youve got bigger problems... Anyways, mine has an internal slave, so no clutch fork to get in...
  10. kunar

    302 swap

    Just because the explorer stuff fits better or is better heads and intake doesn't mean its the only thing that'll work. I'm currently stuffing a 351w from an f350 into my ranger. Nothing wrong with using what you've got.
  11. kunar

    kunar's turbo 1st gen

    I like the chain idea, i was thinking about a turnbuckle but if you did it right, a chain would allow some movement without letting it go too far. Might be kinda loud with all that chain rattling around, but it's probably not gonna be especially quiet anyways. I had to chop up the air box, it...
  12. kunar

    kunar's turbo 1st gen

    Yeah, probably 3/8-1/2, without actually going to check i couldnt say for sure. I don't know if it's going to be too close or not, i'll find out when i get there haha. If i need to make more clearance and reinforce that section, i will.
  13. kunar

    kunar's turbo 1st gen

    I don't have a lot of progress to add, but since I'm here i guess I'll put up a few pics. I ended up buying the BC Bronco's intake adapter. Turns out it's a cast piece, the pics on their website are tiny but i kinda had figured it would have been a billet/machined part. It's kinda ugly, but...
  14. kunar

    kunar's turbo 1st gen

    I think i remember hearing that these headers will fit a 302 without any frame trimming, but i can't say for sure. I'll have to take a peek at my flanges and stuff, see what they look like. The headers themselves seem nice, I guess i'm not too worried about the flanges that came with em. Still a...
  15. kunar

    kunar's turbo 1st gen

    I do like the idea of bending the piece of frame flange out of the way instead of cutting it free, but what's done is done. I think i'll make a patch that bolts in place to go on that side though. I was looking at it the other day and it shouldnt take much to make a reinforcement for that area...
  16. kunar

    kunar's turbo 1st gen

    The driver's side will go in and out as it sits. The passenger's side wont go in or out without the engine lifted a few inches from where it sits. I've had the engine in and out half a dozen times making adjustments, clearancing things, etc.
  17. kunar

    Cluster Restore

    Those look GOOD!
  18. kunar

    V8 Conversion Headers

    I think they're all pretty much the same, but these are the ones i bought specifically. I'm really impressed with what you get for the money, they look nice and include all the hardware and gaskets you need. As for the trans, I'm running an m5r2. It didnt take much grinding on the bellhousing to...
  19. kunar

    V8 Conversion Headers

    I used the $100 tri-y headers from ebay. With a 351, you gotta trim the frame rail on the passengers side a little, maybe 3/4 of an inch wide by however long to clear both tubes. Supposedly with a 302, they fit witout trimming. Pics are here
  20. kunar

    kunar's turbo 1st gen

    Nah, I'm gonna keep the stock hood. Not a fan of scoops and stuff, i don't want it to look fast. I mean, it's not gonna be that fast anyways ;) I like this intake a lot better, stock 5.0 mustang intake. BC Broncos makes an adapter, but i might just whip up my own. It's really the only...