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  1. kunar

    Ranger spotted: Letterkenny

    Good lookin little first gen! Must be like 84-85 since there's no 3rd brake light or cargo light. Season 8, episode 7, about 17 mins in.
  2. kunar

    kunar's turbo 1st gen

    After all the attention this truck got in the classified section, I promised i'd post an update with pics. The day i brought it home: First impressions? It's a nice little truck. Body is nice and clean, the wheel wells and fenders are solid. Paint is so-so, it looks good from a distance...
  3. kunar

    02 explorer, manual trans swap?

    I have the opportunity to get an 02 explorer with a bad automatic trans. I've always preferred manuals, so of course the logical progression was to start planning a manual swap. The engine is a 4.6, so I'm assuming late 90's f150 for a donor trans. I'm guessing an xcal or similar could take care...
  4. kunar

    Diagnosing a 5r55w failure?

    I've read that these transmissions are prone to failure, but it could be a couple different things. I'm trying to determine what the actual problem is, so I know if it's worth fixing it. The transmission is in an 02 explorer with a 4.6, this is my dads vehicle, so most of this is second hand...
  5. kunar

    351w EFI misfire above 3k

    So, i bought a 91 f250 with a 351w. It's got the same tfi ignition they used on the rangers. it didnt run when i bought it, no spark. i put an unknown condition used tfi module in it and it fired right up, now the problem is that it misfires above 3,000 rpm. the misfire shows on the tach...
  6. kunar

    Check your blower motor resistors!

    Guys, take a couple minutes and check for debris behind your blower motor resisters. I very seriously could have lost my truck to a fire tonight because of the leaves that made their way into the air box. I'd heard similar stories, but it really hit home hard tonight! :shok:
  7. kunar

    Rear Windshield Interchange

    Can anybody definitively confirm what rear windshields fit what? I have an 87 supercab and would like to install the 03ish style slider window. I've read that theyre both bolt-in (not grommet fit like the early standard cabs) but according to the interchange database the local junkyards use...
  8. kunar

    Shop heaters - what ya got?

    Sick and tired of the kerosene salamanders. Stinky, noisy, hauling cans of fuel... So I'm thinking about one of those 220v electric heaters that hang from the ceiling. Price is supposed to be comparable to kerosene for the same amount of heat. It'll be up out if the way, no more fuel cans. Then...
  9. kunar

    Need carb help for an old sled

    Alright, so i got a 1978 Polaris Apollo 340 in partial trade for some old junk i had. He said it didnt run, had been sitting a couple years. I pulled the cord, it feels like it had decent compression. Started looking at fuel lines, and that's where (at least part of) the problem was. The fuel...
  10. kunar

    anybody experienced in electroplating?

    short and sweet, i have a hand full of aluminum parts that i would like to electroplate in copper. it needs to be a good, durable coating, .002-.003" thick. ive done a lot of googling, seen various techniques with various results. looking for someone that actually knows their stuff that i can...
  11. kunar

    saltwater aquariums?

    Anybody into saltwater aquariums? I've kept freshwater, though its been a while since i've had one set up. I was just offered a 75gal saltwater setup for free. Fully stocked and established, everything included. A complete setup, start to finish, top to bottom. So of course im gonna have to move...
  12. kunar

    EFI 351w running way rich

    Buddy of mine has a 94 f150, its got an EFI 351 thats running crazy rich. It runs rough and occasionally bucks under load. It also starts hard sometimes, and sometimes wont even start at all. He's checked the FPR, no sign of a leak there. Replaced plugs and wires, cap and rotor, helped with the...
  13. kunar

    Pinion angle

    I'm getting ready to swap an explorer axle onto my truck. I got it up on stands and realised things aren't quite what I thought they should be. My pinion on my current axle is pointed up quite a bit more than I thought it would have been. I've got 4" lift leaves and no stock block. The springs...
  14. kunar

    i just bought (another) turbo coupe

    what's wrong with me? as if i didnt have enough to spend money on. oh well, what can ya do? :icon_twisted: btw, it's in 'okay' shape. its a little rough but it could definitely be made daily driver-able i think. doesnt run, i didnt even try to turn it over. he says it needs a fuel pump. we'll...
  15. kunar

    Diagnosing F-4EAT Shifting Issues

    I've got a friend that just bought a '96 escort with the F-4EAT automatic. The previous owner sold it because of the trans issues. I don't believe it's in need of any hard parts, but beyond that, i have no idea how this thing works or how to diagnose. It starts out in 1st but wont even try to...
  16. kunar

    Water Softener Troubleshooting?

    Anybody here work on these things on a regular basis? I just bought a house and it seems like the softener isnt regenerating properly. Specifically, it seems like it's not drawing brine out of the tank. Looking for someone that can help me troubleshoot this thing, weather it be in person, over...
  17. kunar

    Want to win a '67 Mustang?

    Helping a good friend and coworker (Corey W. King) spread the word. After losing his father to cancer, he decided to do something about it. His hope is to see a cure for cancer in his lifetime, and this how he's doing his part. He has bought a beautiful 1967 Mustang to raffle with all proceeds...
  18. kunar

    I finally found my unicorn

    so ive been looking for this thing forever, for a while i thought i might never get one! so what, just a d35. one with auto hubs at that, whats the big deal? thats right, 41/10=4.10's! whoo yeah!! it came out of this truck, its a 1990 supercab 2.9 auto, exactly what AllanD said to look...
  19. kunar

    bad slave cylinder... again.

    i put a 4.0 and m5od in my ranger about 3 years ago and in that time i have had now 3 clutch slave failures. first one was used but obviously not very old, it came with the trans and i just put it together how it was. second and 3rd were autozone or advance auto style replacements. not exactly...
  20. kunar

    this is just too cool!

    a couple of helicopter pilots pluck a stranded RC plane from the treetops and return it to the owner. just watch the vid :icon_thumby: http://www.break.com/index/helicopter-pilots-rescue-rc-plane-from-tree-2383741?st=fb&ai=0&zi=0&ds=1