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  1. proz07

    WTB: embossed ford tailgate

    Looking for the tailgate that just has the raised lettering ford. Not the new ones that were ruined with the plate put over it and holes drilled in by Ford. i like the old school look. Already have an LMC but what they dont say is those are reproduction and dont have the raised ford...
  2. proz07

    88 ranger rear qtr glass seal?

    ANyone know where to get the rear quarter glass seal for a 1st gen non movable glass supercab? I ordered from LMC all 3 rear windows but the quarters are only for movable vent style, I have the solid non opening glass. Im assuming ill have to get a universal seal and cut it to length and...
  3. proz07

    The 2.9 Tick!

    Ok so its common i get it. Heres what im having, the motor is super quiet under 2300 rpm and runs like a champ. after about a minute over 2300 rpm the motor gets the highway tick of the lifters and then about a minute under it goes right back to nice and quiet. I have checked the oil pressure...
  4. proz07

    If you want to swap to manual gearbox you'll need saginaw 525 pitman arm.

    During my build I deiscovered when swapping to the OEM ford manual steering gear box that they no longer make the pitman arm... well crap. After a bunch of surfing here i found a bunch of arbitrary posts about possibly a saginaw box or pitman arm etc. Well heres the run down if you want to...
  5. proz07

    Proz07's Black Pearl build

    Had a danger ranger when i was in high school however it was a rusted out piece and now I have the urge for a little project. So picked up this 88 supercab for $300 off of the local craigslist not running. It is severe rust free as its a southern vehicle, just slight surface rust that can be...
  6. proz07

    Relived Dreams, 88 supere cab xlt

    Hey guys! Had a danger ranger as my first vehicle 16 yrs ago and it was a rusted out hunk but i loved it. love the body style but now i can make it worth while! Found this beut on CL for $310 delivered to my door. guy said it was pretty much a barn find from an older woman liquidating her...