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  1. Ramcharger90

    The best things in life are free. Unless....

    So looky here, I got this little beauty for the wapping price of $0.00 and im gonna have to beat the snot out of it. I plan on putting no money into it since it has a pesky hole in the frame. I can get 2 inches of lift by cranking the bolt for the torsion bars atleast from what ive heard. Now...
  2. Ramcharger90

    Hydraulic clutch

    So I ordered my clutch parts for my Modr2 2wd for my 90 swap does anyone know if the lines and master cylinder are the same for a 2.3 2wd?
  3. Ramcharger90

    The Little Ranger's That Could or Probably Shouldn't Have.

    So I spotted this gem today I've always had know this truck existed. But I had too share besides who else better to appreciate this beast then the folk on here. If you come across any unicorns like this or people just doing dumb things they shouldn't do with their rangers please post here.
  4. Ramcharger90

    That looks super sketchy but I want them.

    So I was looking around for wheels for my friends fox and I came across LMR selling the 10 hole fox body wheels which are of course 4 lug, so I was looking around maybe they made a 5 lug and if so I want them for the ranger. I stumbled upon this little gem from the, in short wtf and...
  5. Ramcharger90

    Shorty spark plugs?

    Has anyone ever used peanut spark plugs I picked up cheap shorty header and only 1 plug is a problem with my gt40p heads im sure ill spend the money on ceramic boots and ill wrap the headers and wire for extra protection but I need a part number or what the thread size and depth is. Thanks
  6. Ramcharger90

    2019 Ford Nationals carlisle Pa

    So I went to the Ford nationals in Carlisle Pa today and only saw 3 V8 rangers 2 lifted fuel injection trucks 1 carbed Drag truck. I gotta say I was a little disappointed to see the ranger community was far surpassed even by the Merker group
  7. Ramcharger90

    Lightning tribute. (Possibly posted already)

    I thought this was interesting. I might go this route for my next full size if Dodge doesnt put the hellelephant in a Ram but anyway I digress lol.
  8. Ramcharger90

    Mystery leak, gross wet carpet

    I got water leaking into my 90 ranger I cant find where its coming from. Its collecting on the pass side and driver side floors fml.... I already checked the door seals doeant appear to be coming from there it does it when sitting in a mild rain storm.
  9. Ramcharger90

    Dim dome light

    90 ranger, I checked the connections and wires already looked good and the ground. just got real dim even with the switch turned on. Any thoughts?
  10. Ramcharger90

    What am I? Who am I? Can a 5.0 fit?

    What kind of ford is this on the trailer? I asked the guy he said he didn't know it was his boss's and he thinks its a 70 something. It had round headlights and ford on the hood.
  11. Ramcharger90

    Rubber plugs?

    I tried using the search feature but no luck does anyone know a part number for these plugs on a m5odr2? The parts store and rock auto didn't have them listed, ive seen on google some people use freeze plugs to sesl them. But why would that trans be made with them if you can just plug the with...
  12. Ramcharger90

    Sanderson Gt40P headers?

    Has anyone used these headers from Sanderson? FF3 GTS headers Im curious to see if anyone used these headers how they lined up in relation to the frane on a 89-94 2wd ranger they are made...
  13. Ramcharger90

    My 1990 5.0 swappin truck

    Here is my 1990 2.3L 5spd 2WD, I already put the 8.8 rear with 3.73lsd from a 97 explorer in the lazy way, I used 2 inch lift shakles instead of moving the perches and 4* pinion shims, but my leafs are shot and haven't replaced them yet. Plan to eventually, I have bell tech 2 inch drop springs...
  14. Ramcharger90

    Annoying 2.3L exhaust video

    Here is an annoying video of my annoying 1990 ranger (2.3L) with a short side exit behind cab really short cherry bomb going from the stock size pipe from the cat too 6 reducers too a 2.5inch I think it sounds like a old British roadster so I kinda like it.
  15. Ramcharger90

    98 mountaineer tear down

    So i pulled the key and cylinder the lil black box by the key the pats module behind the pass air bag the black box behind the radio next to the cluster the pcm in the firewall the entire engine and engine bay harness the lil box back in the driver side rear fender the instrument cluster the...
  16. Ramcharger90

    B303 cam worth the time?

    What im going to use. For my 2wd 90 ranger m5odr2 5speed 8.8 3.73lsd I have a 98 exploder 5.0 with the gt40p heads and the expo intake. Im going to use a A9L mass air computer and harness, sn95 fuel rail (flows better supposedly) explo injectors, I have a bigger throttle body my friend gave me...
  17. Ramcharger90

    M5od-r2 trans questions

    Im putting in a 5.0 from an exploder. Im using a fox mass air harness A9L computer. So what do I need for transmission then i know the o2 harness is separate from the trans harness on the stangs and i know guys have used this trans m5odr2 in rangers and my ranger has the r1 in it now what else...
  18. Ramcharger90

    1990 2wd drive upgrades

    So I would like to do that cobra brake upgrade but im I cant find the brakets hub online (the ones I will actually need) my phone has a chevy fetish every time I look for stuff I get chevy junk. P.s I hate GM mostly. But I digress. Any links or other options for this no rush I already have new...
  19. Ramcharger90

    Really dumb question

    So I pulled the 8.8 out of my parts truck mountaineer (bad trans only works in reverse) and Im gonna put the 7.5 junk rear from my ranger in up side down in the so i can move it around easily on and off my trailer. Here is the really dumb part and I should know better but ill ask it any way...
  20. Ramcharger90

    2004 vacuum diagrams

    Im trying to find the vacuum diagrams for a 04 ranger 4.0L manual 4x4 didnt see them on here or that BBB industries website unless 99 is the same i wasnt sure. But any way if anyone has them please post thanks