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  1. 4x4junkie

    Adjustable Camber Bushings

    It's possible the pinch bolt may need to be tightened a bit tighter than usual with these bushings... I've never had mine work loose or shift around, though it did happen once on a friend's truck. Spec calls for "48-65 ft-lbs" for the pinch bolt, I usually take them up to around 70-75.
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    CB Antennea

    ×2, the Wilson 1000 is a good equivalent, with a bit better power handling capability than the K40 (has a lower loss coil). However it seems to have become exceedingly expensive over the years, and IMO is no longer a good value. 5' is about the minimum length you need on a 27MHz CB antenna to...
  3. 4x4junkie

    99 manuel hub locker?

    I have heard an occasional comment regarding the locking tabs that hold the lockouts to the wheel hubs not staying together. Unfortunately I don't think there's much you can do about this design. My advice is to inspect where the tabs hook onto the hub for any significant rust or rounding of the...
  4. 4x4junkie

    Adjustable Camber Bushings

    You need to hold the lower part of the bushing while you turn the upper part (use an extra-thin wrench or pliers or something). Lacking that, it's probably easiest to just pull the bushing out and readjust it with it out of the axle.
  5. 4x4junkie

    Eaton Locker Excessive Clunking

    An occasional clunk (more like *BANG!*) while accelerating indeed is normal, but it happening repeatedly is not. My guess is something may have become worn or damaged internally. Unfortunately the only way to find out for sure is to disassemble and inspect things.
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    97 3.0 2wd ext cab driveshaft swap

    For a 2WD truck, the driveshaft also needs to come from a '98+ Ranger Supercab having the same transmission type (stick or automatic).
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    4x4 advice

    Manual locking hubs are available to replace the hubs on PVH systems, though if you're real cheap, you also can just remove the end covers from your existing hubs, remove the screens from the covers, put them back together and then use your finger through the hole to lock & unlock them (they...
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    Rebuilding transfer case question.

    ×3 on a little blue Loctite. They tell you to use a new nut because it is self-locking. But if you put something to lock it, then it's fine to reuse it. Just be sure to clean the threads of any oil before you reinstall it.
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    Elon musk.....

    How so? Such hydrogen is made with natural gas, not petroleum. :thefinger:
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    Elon musk.....

    Absolutely agreed. I understand it takes barely longer to refuel a hydrogen car than it does a gasoline car. With more demand, I could see equipment coming available that would facilitate conversion of solar energy & water to hydrogen (current production I understand still uses some fossil...
  11. 4x4junkie

    Steering alignment on a lifted BII

    I always recommend the two-piece fully-adjustable bushings for anyone modifying their suspension such as Moog K80109, or Mevotech MK80109 (perhaps that's what you meant to type). I also would suggest getting the Skyjacker pt# FA600 drop pitman arm if you want to make it ideal, your steering...
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    Charging Indicator light

    That is an odd one... Sounds like it's charging normally (14.6V is a slight tad high unless it's pretty cold outside, but shouldn't create an immediate issue with today's maintenance-free (lead-calcium type) batteries... it'll probably drop a little further after another 10-20 minutes of...
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    can't find spindles

    A '96 needs ABS spindles. Though I have to wonder if you could get a non-ABS one to work with a little grinding to make a notch for the sensor... Not having actually done it though I can't say for sure. Have you tried all the local junkyards? Spindles are not normally a wear item, so it should...
  14. 4x4junkie

    '99 to Live Axle Swap: Noob Advice?

    The torsion bars someone else will need to chime in about, but for the axles & hubs, you do need '95-'01 Explorer parts, or parts from a '01 or later Ranger (the last half of '00 Ranger production might also have what you need as well, the switch to live spindles was made mid-way through that...
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    Stiff clutch and can't shift into gear

    The pedal is stiff, but will still go down with more effort? Or is the pedal solid and won't go down at all? If the latter, check the fitting where the hydraulic line plugs into the slave, it may have come apart. I don't have any ideas on the former.
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    Three Letter Word Forum Search Problems

    Some of us still prefer to use an on-site search engine rather than a third party like Google, as the on-site search allows more customization of searches (searching "in titles only", in specific forum sections, or by username, for example), and generally searches the forum more thoroughly. I'm...
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    Charging Indicator light

    The initially intermittent, but now steady light sounds to me like maybe the alternator brushes finally wore out and failed, however if that were to happen, it would no longer be charging properly. I'm drawing blanks on what else it could be unless maybe there's simply a short or intermittent...
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    Bent axle shaft

    ^^^ Same here. Black, gray, or red RTV all seem to work fine (factory used red on the front 4x4 axle). I would not use blue or clear RTV with gear oil though.
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    Purchasing question

    A 3.0L stickshift should have the D35. The 'hybrid' D28 I believe only appeared under some 3.0s having an auto trans.
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    The 'Loan Ranger', and 2019 Ranger Adventure

    That thing is coming along nicely (and quickly too lol, though with only six months to have it, I can see why). Nice work. I don't s'pose they're letting you keep that tent... ? (the rack I'd guess wouldn't fit your '96 either, not without mods to it anyway)