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  1. edkin75

    Rear axle question

    I have an 88 2wd ranger planning on a 302 swap wanted to put an 8.8 rear in the truck, is there any rear that will bolt right to the leaf spring and will not need mounts welded on the axle, didn't know if newer ranger rear will fit right in or not, Kenny
  2. edkin75

    3" front with flip kit rear (1st gen)

    Thanks for the Idea, I know dropping the first gens are a pain, this give me a good feeling, just wandering if I was to drop my truck like this, do I need lowering shocks or can I get away with stock ones, Thanks Kenny
  3. edkin75

    motor problem

    Ok here it is I have a 88 ranger 2wd 2.9, with a manual tranny, Sometimes it runs with out a problem then other times it loads up and pours out black smoke, i shut the key off and it clears up and might stay away and other times it will come back with in a mile, the scanner throws a code at me...
  4. edkin75

    BG products

    Today I bought a value pack of 44k proformance enhancer, and throttle body cleaner, put the 44k in the tank along with a full tank of plus gas, and then got back to my work and ran the tb cleaner through the engine, let it idle for 10 minutes then took it for a drive, about a mile later then...
  5. edkin75

    Drive shaft 2wd

    I have a super cab 2wd 88 ranger with a two piece drive shaft in it, when I was under my truck I noticed that the rubber adapter on the back or the transmission was starting to crack, I checked at work on our ford system and found out that they discountinued it, and put a u-joint there in stead...
  6. edkin75


    I am thinking of buying a set of cragers for my truck, I have a first gen 2wd, the truck is black, and was thinking of buying the BLACK SOFT 8 wheels 397 series, does any have a truck with these on and a pic Thanks Kenny
  7. edkin75

    Light tinting

    I ahve an '88 ranger, I havn't found any euro tail lights that I like so I was thinking about tinting the stock tail lights, has anyone tried this, wandering if you did what you used, Thanks Kenny