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  1. Buy 2000 B 4000 4x4 with a rotted axle tube?

    I never heard of such a thing but it is rotted bad just out board of the U- bolt. No clue as to rear end. Say the 3.27 in the Rat's 8.8 is the right gears would the entire rear end be a direct bolt in? TIA
  2. 94 4.0 dead fuel pump?

    No pump noise Proved the circuit end to end. Including 12V straight to terminal on tank. I have an external Bosch pump I can put between the tank and the filter along the frame rail. . Bed is pushed back enough to remove dead pump. The Rat is a yard truck now.
  3. 502 bad gateway msg

    is there a mismatch on the interwebs ? :D Is there something I can check on my end? TIA
  4. Most Rangers sold in a Year?

    Looking for the peak year of sales. The height of their popularity. How many people liked trucklets ? (Right sized ) :D
  5. School me on Dipstick tube R+R 4.0 ohv

    The Rat's is a couple oil checks from rusting in 2. If it is a pan off job, I will bodge something. :D
  6. Greetings 2000 OR

    Check the lube levels on front diff, and Transfer Case. Happy New Year :D If the Rat's front pumpkin isn't dripping, its empty :D You're dealing with an 18 yr old Ford, anything can happen at any time, :dunno:
  7. Filler neck and pick up repairs

    The Rat is moving ahead. It started easily and I backed it out of the yurt. In preparation to put the bed back on. I replaced the filler neck. Where the filler neck attaches to the tank was split in several places. I gooped the splits with JB Weld gray silicone . If it works as...
  8. 12mm U Nuts for bed bolts.

    Is there a source for these? TIA :D Beside LMC
  9. LR upper shock mount

    Has torn loose from the frame. What is the best way to fix? Buy a new mount ? The piece on the shock is rusted into nothing. Shocks look shot too. Not looking at a road machine here.:D
  10. Bed R+R Qs

    What size Torx do I need to take the bed off ? TIA.
  11. Rassen Frassen E- brake

    I have replaced all the brake parts from the backing plates out even the rear E- brake cables. I did tighten up the adjustments on the shoes but the E- brake barley grabs and does nothing at all in reverse. Do I just tighten up the shoes some more or did I screw some thing up? TIA
  12. Center Support Bearing IDs

    Oreilly's has same choices in CSBs as Autozone, but less money. Yah, yah the way to go is a one piece shaft. I know. Instead, I went for a 12$ Chinese part with a Spicer 1210 bearing molded into it.Its ID is 1.257 " The more expensive option has a Spicer 1280 bearing which has a smaller ID...
  13. can anybody tell me anything about this VIN

    VIN 1FTCR15U2TTA31919 from a 96 XLT automatic 4x4 Im looking for engine size :D, Hoping for a 4.0 TIA
  14. play in the double U-joint in front shaft

    What are these like to replace?
  15. LR shock mount rotted off the frame

    Can I buy a new mount and re-attach after I fix the frame rail.? Where are some places to look for this? TIA
  16. one piece Rear DS

    Would '05 one piece DS fit the Rat? '05 is a 4WD 4.0/AOD 126 " WB Both 8.8 diffs? TIA
  17. Rassan Frassan Wipers 94 Ranger

    I turned on the wipers to clear the wind shield. Nothing I guess I should start with the fuse. Where is it? For that matter where is the fuse box? :D A liitle more digging and it is fuse 2 . More accurately, a 6amp cb, circuit brkr I'm guessing. Will it reset or do I...
  18. The Rat is Giving me a Grin Lately

    After spending the first 10 months of '15 with the rear wheels in the air, I finally fixed the E-brake and the exhaust. The iffy battery sits at 12.4 volts. I have wired the Vise grips on the 1354 in 4 w high. I run around town with the hubs unlocked. Today, for the first time I locked the...
  19. School me on batteries,cheap ones

    The Rat is killing me on parts. Latest is the freaken Valu Craft battery. It has had a hard life and is at the end of it. It is holding voltage around 11.8. I'm thinking its a bad cell. Since I've quieted down the exhaust, all I can hear is the poor ol' alternator whining "Help...
  20. Thank You Jim Oaks, Rat's B'day present was smoke

    My rough handling of the starter wire led to a short on the little wire from the fender. Smoke came out and the starter ran on and on until I took the cable off the battery. I let the smoke out of the wire. Another old car trouble fixed. I used about 4 feet of 10 awg MTW stranded and...