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  1. lvwill

    Distorted hood

    I've been fighting with the dealership over this since I bought the truck. On the driver's side of the hood were the body line turns 90 degrees close to the windshield the hood has a very distinct wave or crease or whatever they want to charge all it. It it most visable when sitting in the...
  2. lvwill

    Gun rack in 2020 supercrew

    Going shooting with a couple friends and there isn't enough room for people and rifles in the back seat. Anyone have a gun rack?
  3. lvwill

    Anyone in near Las Vegas that needs a transfer case

    I have a 1354 manual with complete shifter assy. From a 90 b2 w/m5od. And a np208 with fixed output from a full size bronco with shifter. Need to clean up the garage. Definitely don't want to ship these.will take $100.00 each but you have to pick up. I also have a pretty nice 90 b2 that I don't...
  4. lvwill

    Ford performance upgrade

    So I've been seriously thinking about getting a new ranger and found this article. https://www.carscoops.com/2020/04/ford-performance-gives-the-ranger-a-boost-but-its-no-ranger-raptor/ Doesn't seem like to bad of a deal with warranty.
  5. lvwill

    It's hitting home

    My oldest daughter is in isolation in the hospital right now. She is a pediatric ER nurse. This thing is serious we need to really stay home and do what the government is telling us. I drive a big truck and I'm supposedly essential but I basically go to work and come home. Please everyone just...
  6. lvwill

    98 expedition water pump

    98 4.6 expedition So on the way to work the other night the water pump decided to take a crap. Had to have it towed home yesterday. AAA paid off! Lol I have it apart now and the hole is not cleaning up very well. Should I use a little rtv on this or just hope for the best with the o ring on the...
  7. lvwill

    What the heck is wrong with parts stores?

    So I'm trying to get front wheel bearings and seals for the ranger. look at the local places online and for some dumbass reason every store in town stocks 2 bearings and 4 seals. Call and have them check inventory and it's correct. I ask about it and of course they have absolutely no idea as to...
  8. lvwill

    SOLD! 4" lift brackets for 83-97

    I think it's rough country lift brackets. All brackets are there with rear lift blocks. No front spring. This is the lowbuck kit with the drop plate. 50.00 + shipping I'll try to get it in a large USPS box
  9. lvwill

    4.10 gears for 8.8 and ttb Dana 35

    Cleaning the garage and came across the take offs from the ranger. 8.8 shows some wear but the shop that did the work said they are in very usable condition. Dana 35 is very litely used. No chipped teeth or unusual wear on either set. I'm I'm Las Vegas NV. Asking 80.00 + shipping. Should fit...
  10. lvwill

    Pressure plate bolts

    Trying to get everything prefit and just realized I don't have the bolts for the pressure plate to the flywheel. Doing a 5.0 swap into a 90 b2. Engine is from a 90 mustang with auto trans is a m5odr2 from a 97 f150. Flywheel and clutch is 96 f150 5.0 There are no dowel pins for alignment so it...
  11. lvwill

    A little ranger history

    https://youtu.be/-JfY7UyeY44 Buddy found this. It's kinda funny
  12. lvwill

    86 b2 on Craigslist

    Found another b2 in Vegas. Unfortunately I'm grounded from buying any more vehicles for the time being. https://lasvegas.craigslist.org/cto/d/henderson-1986-broncoobo/6781386047.html
  13. lvwill

    Creaking noise and clunk in front suspension

    92 ranger with 5.5" superlift suspension and steering. It has this annoying creaking and sometimes a clunk noise. The clunk feels like it's coming from around my left foot when driving. I have went over every nut and bolt and everything is good. The truck also has all new ball joints and...
  14. lvwill

    Just got another B2

    Another v1990 B2. Been working on this person for about 5 months. Got her from 2800 to 500 sight unseen. Supposedly original owner hasn't started in 2 years. Pick it up on Wednesday with AAA.
  15. lvwill

    Started pinging

    Not sure what's going on with this. Replaced the dizzy a couple years ago due to a bad bearing. Don't drive the truck awhole lot maybe 4000 miles a year. All of a sudden it goes from running great to seriously pinging at any throttle position. No cell or any other problems. Was going to check...
  16. lvwill

    R12 to r134 conversion

    I'm in the process of a 5.0 swap on the little B2. It most definitely has to have a/c . I want to do this one time and have it work as good as it can. The engine and fead is from an 89 mustang. I want to use as many oem parts as possible and have the a/c work as good as it can. Are there any...
  17. lvwill

    np205 shift bar link

    Looking for the link between the shift bars for a np205. It's the offset link that I need. I've found them online but I refuse to pay 16.00 shipping for an 18.00 part. If anyone is doing a twin shift conversion and would like to sell the part it would be much appreciated.
  18. lvwill

    EB dana20 to m5r2 trans.

    Been looking for a np205 case for my b2 swap. Can't find anything locally but I did come across a guy that has 2 eb Dana 20''s. 1 t pattern and1j pattern. I've looked around and can't seem to find a way to get them to connect. Advanced adapters has a kit for the zf but not the m5r2. Anyone have...
  19. lvwill

    twin stick conversion for 1354e

    Found this by chance while looking for something completely different. http://www.behemothdrivetrain.com/bw-twin-stick-conversion-kits.html I really don't have a reason to try this at the mmoment but it looks like it could be a better option than the shiftster.
  20. lvwill

    my new toy!

    A little back history here. A few years ago I acquired a 89 mustang gt convertible that had sat in someone's backyard for 10 years. I brought a battery and a can of gas and drove it home, it ran like crap but wasn't far. The original plan was to swap the engine into my ranger, but I got...