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  1. Shadowrider6661

    Wanted 00 f150 Timing chain cover

    I'm looking for a timing chain cover for a 4.6L EFI SOHC TRITION V8. Needs to be shipped to Arizona 86320.
  2. Shadowrider6661

    Found! Bucket seats for 97 xlt

    I am looking for black or gray bucket seats and a console for my 97 xlt standard cab 4x4. Or a color that would go with my gray interior.
  3. Shadowrider6661

    Found! Complete Dana 35 Front for 97 Ranger 4.0 vin x

    I am looking for a complete hub to hub Dana 35 with TTB's for my 1997 Ranger 4.0 4x4. I don't need the frame mounting brackets though, and the gear ratio doesn't matter. The assembly will need to be shipped to Dewey, Arizona 86327. Please contact me at shadowrider66661@gmail.com or text to...
  4. Shadowrider6661

    31 spline axle housing

    Is there a direct bolt in 31 spline axle housing for a 97 Ranger 4x4 ?
  5. Shadowrider6661

    Axle spline count

    Is there anyway to determine if my axles are 28 or 31 spline without removing the axles ? The axle code is 96, and the tag ID is [S354F 3 73 8 8 7A16].
  6. Shadowrider6661

    Needed, L\Side TTB for my 97 Ranger 4X4

    If anyone has this item, email me @ shadowrider6661@outlook.com
  7. Shadowrider6661

    Wanted Axle shaft spacers

    I'm looking for the L & R front Axle shaft spacers and snap ring for my truck. 97 Ranger Dana 35 TTB Front.
  8. Shadowrider6661

    V8 Swap question

    Will a 2001 mercury mountaineer 4x4 V8 fit in a 1997 Ranger 4x4 that has a 4.0L w a 5 speed manual transmission ? Email me @ shadowrider6661@outlook.com, I would greatly appreciate your answers !
  9. Shadowrider6661

    Weird swap

    Does anyone know if a 2001 4X4 mercury mountaineer 5L V8 will fit into a 1997 4X4 ranger ?
  10. Shadowrider6661

    mountaineer v8 into 97 ranger?

    I'm trying to find out if a 2001 mountaineer 5L V8 will fit in my 1997 Ranger. I would appreciate any help with this.
  11. Shadowrider6661


    Good day to you all. I'm new at this, so please excuse any stupidity on my behalf ! I'm Ranger fanatic, I also have a Bronco II, the former is a 1997 and the latter is a 1988.