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  1. 20180303_182856.jpg


    of course had to paint the bumper black
  2. the slow stages of my ranger

    the slow stages of my ranger

    just pics of my ranger
  3. Screenshot_2019-04-01-23-52-35.png


    this is when i first got my truck roughly a year and a half ago. it was my first vehicle that was standard transmission ??
  4. Screenshot_2019-04-01-23-48-22.jpg


    of course i have fun in this truck it was meant for me to tear up. and beat up, atleast thats what was in the back of my head at the time
  5. Screenshot_2019-04-01-23-48-45.jpg


    i decided to buy the rear flip kit from djm and put that on along with 2in spacers all the way around on the hubs
  6. Screenshot_2019-04-01-23-48-48_20190401235003838.jpg


    eventually i got 2in lowering springs in the front and put 2in blocks in the rear