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  1. gaz


    Hello, I noticed on both the 2.9 and 4.0 ohv t/b's, when the throttle body butterfly is fully open, it's not fully opened. When my machinist bored out my 4.0l t/b he mentioned it to me also. I would like to know if there is any reason not to make be able to open 100%? edit; please forgive...
  2. gaz


    Hello, Upon getting some miles behind the Ranger again, having updated the headlights/auxillary driving lights/fog lights to fresh halogens with new power circuits, the markers/sigbals to LED's the dash was feeling left out. These old dash instrument clusters use almost 20 bulbs. I had to map...
  3. gaz


    Hello, I went to the wrecking yard to hunt down a replacement lower air-box; they had several 4 cylinder Rangers but no 2.9L so I looked at their air-boxes. For the most part, they are the same. DIFFERENCES: 1) some ½" tube connection coming off the front 2) the air bypass valve (ABV) is...
  4. gaz

    Wanted 4.0L HARNESS AND COMP

    Hello, I am looking for a 94 Explorer/Navajo non-EGR 4.0L engine bay harness, cab harness and computer to complete my 87 BII 4.0 swap. If by chance you don't have one but know where those parts can be acquired, your input is welcome ..)
  5. gaz


    Hello, While parked @ The local Jack-Onna-Box awaiting some brain i duced need by commercial bombardment Din-Din (that DogGone JalepenoRanch Tatert-tot bucket add finally got to me). For the 1st time while operating the truck since installing the behind the axle BII fuel tank in the Ranger, I...
  6. gaz


    Hello, My search for the correct components to finish my non-EGR 4.0L in my 1987 BII, have me asking questions about how well what I can get, will work together: Can I use a 94, 4.0L ECC with a 92 cab harness and a 92, 4.0L engine bay harness with my 87 BII; I will be using a 94 dash, 94...
  7. gaz


    Hello, I decided to attemp to make my 87 Ranger safer by adding new H4 headlight housings, auxillary driving lights, fog lights and replacing all my marker lamps with LED counterparts. The driving and fog lights were easy I had some lying around from my worldly travels that simply needed a...
  8. gaz


    Hello, I bought an ignition module heatsink from the wrecking Yard out of a 93 Aerostar. I want to use it in the 87 Ranger, 2.9L. I was thinking it couldn't be cooler than in the air box (below the filter). Any thoughts on this new location for my ignition module?
  9. gaz

    CAB Wire Harness

    Hello, Can I use a 94, 4 cylinder's cab harness on a 94 4.0L ohv?
  10. gaz

    Need a New BATTERY

    Hello, Need a new battery but want your money's worth; Interstate MTP-65HD... don't think 2x your WELCOME ☕☕☕🚬🚬🚬
  11. gaz


    Hello, Decided to finish the tune up on the 87 Ranger. I took a chance on 2 unknown companies through The RockAuto.com; *Standard Motor Products hi output "BLUESTREAK" coil $28 (it's actually BLUE). *United Motor Products "TRI-PACK TUNE-UP KIT", a set of 8mm silcon suppression wires/copper...
  12. gaz

    Sealed Beam Improvement

    Hello, I will not be replacing my old tired sealed beam headlamps with another set. I have considered replacing them with 5"x7" housings that use the H4 bulb. I now know that 92+ Ranger, Explorer and Aerostar use a housing with 9007 replacable bulbs. From what I have read, it seems that the...
  13. gaz

    The VanBroncoII

    Hello, I have been hunting for the parts I need to finish the addition of my rebuilt 94 Ranger 4.0l ohv to my 87BII. I have an opportunity to aquire a complete 96 Aerostar for donor parts. Since the Aerostars EEC's weren't upgraded until 97, I am led to understand that the 96 Aerostar...
  14. gaz


    Hello, I have been going through my 87 Ranger's lights, getting ready to operate on the road when I thought that my hi beams were selected and that perhaps the little blue instrament panel lamp was out. Turned out that the low beams were on. I fiddled with the switch (turn signal arm combo)...
  15. gaz

    Distributor with Octane Rod

    Hello, I am working out the bugs in a rebuilt 2.9L with approximately 7kmi on it but it sat for a number of years as did the 87 Ranger (4x4, 5 sp) that it now resides in. After starting and getting up to temp it is running rough, popping and I suspect not firing completely. About the time the...
  16. gaz

    Water in Steering System

    This has never happened to me before. After replacing a ruptured power steering line and servicing it up, I have water in the reservoir. Should just drain it, then fill it and run it a second, then drain again until clear?
  17. gaz

    VACUUM LINE sources and functions?

    Hello, 1) Where is the small vacuum line on the bottom of the Throttle Body supposed to source it's vacuum? 2) There is a vacuum line coming off the front vacuum fixture of the upper intake manifold (passenger side) that goes to the small sensor on the passenger side wall just aft of the...
  18. gaz

    Clutch position sensor JUMPER

    Hello, I am using the clutch position sensor jumper full time, will that impose a 3kRPM cut off?
  19. gaz


    I have been troubleshooting the rebuilt 2.9L with approximately 6kmi recently swapped into my 87 Ford Ranger from my BroncoII. It started as soon as the engine was swapped but only with starter fluid and had no pressure on the fuel rail. 1-after building a stand alone power circuit to...
  20. gaz

    No fuel to Fuel Rail.

    Hello, Swapped my BII's rebuilt 2.9L into the Ranger. After rellocating my fuel tank to be hind the axle in my 87 Ranger will start on starter fluid but gets no fuel to the rail. *I have verified that both pumps work with 12v applied *I extended the fuel and return lines from the original...