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  1. 2drxploder

    Worlds biggest potato gun

    Made it myself
  2. 2drxploder

    Redcat axe edition

    Just ordered a redcat gen 8 axe edition. Some bats n a charger. My brother just bought a used scx-10, got the bug going again. I've had 3 tmaxxs: og, the 2.5r and 3.3
  3. 2drxploder

    shop floor coatings

    with all the talk about shops lately, also myself starting one soon. thoughts on floor coatings? i would love to get my concrete not to absorb oil and stain. that is priority. color, flakes, etc, all bonuses but not required in my opinion. longevity is important, non-slip, easy to clean...
  4. 2drxploder

    2 post lift recommendations

    building a shop, want a lift. sidewall height will be 12' clear. my vehicles are: 03 ext cab shortbed 6.0 diesel f250, 99 ranger, 82 bronco on 40s. gf has small suvs. on to the lift will be a 2 post for sure. but that is where i get lost, symmetrical, asymmetrical, bar on top, drive over, 9 or...
  5. 2drxploder

    post swap tuning help

    went to get dyno-tunes today. they said cant communicate with ecu, he can read codes but not put anything on ecu. i had one of our members help me out with start up tune: pats delete, auto trans delete, and setup for pro-m mass, on a 99 ecu. it runs ok. tried it and stock 98 ecu, both have same...
  6. 2drxploder

    Ummm. Who does this?

    As title says
  7. 2drxploder

    evap system school me

    im having some issues with my 99 ranger thats 5.0 swapped. a friend and local mechanic suggested i might have an evap sytem problem. im using stock 4cyl tank, and vapor soleniod and valve. i am throwing a code it says evap system gross leak/no flow. seams to get "vapor locked" when filling with...
  8. 2drxploder

    Cluster with tach, how to wire

    As part of my v8 swap I took the cluster with tach(from 98 expo 5.0) truck originally was 99 2.5 5spd, (no tach) the tach seems to be off bad, how do I fix this?
  9. 2drxploder

    5.0 cam sensor wiring

    So I have a Ranger with 5.0 from 98 expo, got a tuned ecu, the tuner recommended/wrote the ecu for a 99 cam sensor (2 wire) I currently have a 3 wire cam sensor. What 2 wires do I hook up?
  10. 2drxploder

    MDL T5Z?

    Looking at a sn 95 superduty t5 z from mederndriveline. Anyone used them? I know they r a little pricey, but I like the idea of 2.95 first
  11. 2drxploder

    The 347 lives!

    347, bcam, not tuned, no o2 sensors, open headers,
  12. 2drxploder

    winch help xrc-12

    smittybilt xrc12, about 8-9 years old,lightly used before, has been sitting outside mounted to truck bumper. i removed, installed on my trailer, when i hooked power to it, the control box (not left outside) made a faint buzzing sound and thats it i used an old optima yellow-top, charged it...
  13. 2drxploder

    wont crank

    wont turn over at all, where to start? 99 ranger 4cyl 5spd donor vehicle 98 expo 5.0, i have installed explorer column, gauges computer, and pats. not the automatic transmission or any of its harness, i swapped a sn95 t5 in, i suspect this is my problem, the lack of nuetral safety switch. can...
  14. 2drxploder

    lower radiator hose

    what lower radiator hose are yall using? explorer 5.0 engine and radiator, not using the oil cooler thing
  15. 2drxploder

    pats help

    i have 99 ranger 4cyl no pats. swap is from 98 expo, i really dont want pats what are my options? also going to 5 speed. i pulled complete dash and column from expo, i like the idea of using expo column and gauges, it has a tach and tilt. but i prefer 1 key to open doors and start vehicle...
  16. 2drxploder

    reman injectors- fleabay?

    as title says im looking at a set of reman bosch on fleabay for the 5.0 swap, think ill be fine with stock flow until i get some heads, anyone tried these?
  17. 2drxploder

    coils,wires, and plugs

    what are yall running in upgraded v-8 swaps? im using 98 expo style ignition, and tm headers i was just eyeballing some msd coils and a nice set of taylor wires on summit while xmas shopping
  18. 2drxploder

    Delete 99-01 expo fuel rail

    I am looking for a 99-01 5.0 explorer fuel injector rail, the return less style with only 1 fuel line. Thanks
  19. 2drxploder

    sending unit/ fuel pump/ fuel line help

    so my swap goes like this: 99 ranger 2.5 5spd with 98 expo donor vehicle. what are my options/ solutions to feeding this 5.0. ive dropped both tanks hoping to just swap sending units and take return line from expo. well thats not going to work the expo unit is taller and bolts in vs ranger...
  20. 2drxploder

    82 fullsize

    98 expo 5.0, monster trans c6, painless 5.0 swap harness, 44hp front, 9in rear, 4.56 chromoloys and arb locker front and rear. working on 203/205 doubler and ladder bar in rear due to severe axle wrap