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  1. Kyle G

    Best Cover??

    hey guys added another ford to the collection, this time its a 1990 foxbody, its a 5.0 5 speed only 26,000+ miles, however its faded as hell so im getting it repainted and i was just wondering if anyone has experience with different car covers that work best in real cold/snowy conditions as im...
  2. Kyle G

    got my 35's on finally

    so i have a 2000 xlt all stock suspension with maxed out torsion bars and it fits 35x12.5 tires, everyone says this is impossible for sum reason but here ya go...
  3. Kyle G

    bolt pattern help!!

    hi guys i just picked up some 35x12.5's on 15x10 enkei wheels, and i know my 2000 xlt is 5x5-4.5 (114.3mm), but i measured the wheels and came up with 5 1/4 inches, from what i know im guessing this is 5.25 (133.3mm) ?? just want to make sure before i go wasting money on the wrong adapters/axles...
  4. Kyle G

    finally some pics of my baby's!!!

    the first one is my 86 ranger, had 33's and a 302 it was sittin on a bronco frame and f250 running gear thing was a beast until i wrecked it on a jump :bawling: so the second is my new truck its a 2000 xlt 3.0 4x4 so far its got the kc daylighters on the roof and its got 31x10.5's i did the...
  5. Kyle G

    Hello from new york

    Hi everyone, my name is Kyle and i live in syracuse new york. i previously had a 1986 ranger with a 302 and 33"s, but after hitting a jump at 85 mph i needed a new one lol. so now i have a 2000 xlt 4wd 3.0 with 31"s soon to be 35"s, ill have pics soon and hopefully a few ppl on here know some...