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  1. Shadowranger

    New here, late as usual

    Joined early last week and it looks like just in time. Thanks for the help with the 2001 Ranger XLT 4x4, guys. The timing chain cluster will be addressed ASAP. Been living in central Caribbean for 12 years now, seeing what grows on 4 acres. Coconuts grow well, everything else has a bug or...
  2. Shadowranger

    Front side marker lights

    with the yellow lens...right side bulb is out. Is there a way to replace the bulb or do I need to replace the whole assembly? 2001 Ranger XLT (the dog is Shadow and he loves this truck)
  3. Shadowranger

    Found this in the oil pan..

    Took the oil pan off yesterday for a thorough cleaning and to replace the pan gasket and found this little gem inside. It reminds me of the old nylon timing gear teeth from way back but it doesn't look like a broken tooth. It's nylon but has a corner to it as though it broke off something...
  4. Shadowranger

    No voltage to fog lamps

    Hello all, fog lamps recently died and I have replaced them with smaller ones for the Mustang (due to an order mixup) and have found no voltage thru the wiring to them. All other lights works, brake, running, etc. I've cut the factory terminal off the old fog lamp harness to expose bare wire...