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    Great parts and service

    If anyone is lookin for a replacement hood with cowl induction and lots more ranger parts body wise, plus parts to fit other brands/models, I recommend the evilbay seller streetnshow out of McCalla ,Al. I drove there for a hood from ATL,Ga and got a great Goodmark [?]quality hood, 2in rise...

    For Sale 4 Mustang chrome Cobra wheels,245/45/17 in. almost new tires Atlanta for sale,$600/trade

    nice shape, but not perfect wheels showing minimal curb marks. All Federal tires in great condition. They fit my 97 with zero hassle or extra parts. factory cobra center caps. Very light wheels. Email hawgford@windstream.net

    For Sale 1995 x cab for parts [body only] in Atlanta. Complete body less steering column $800/ogffer/trade

    Tearin down a complete runnin clean southern truck . Everything body and interior for sale cheap. No major body damage anywhere. Even the argent plastic grill and chrome top strip have no cracks .All lights new and both bumpers great shape. Silver paint even worth waxing, no peeling clearcoat...

    stang ecoboost into 98 standard cab

    wondering if theres a thread about dointhe ecoboost swap into 93-11 manual shift trucks.. Is it feasible? what are the headache? any custom made parts needed? Also wondering if anyone has lowered a 98 standard cab and what kit was used, not going slammed..

    For Sale wheels and a truck

    put this post where it needs to be, am not a regular poster,my bad.... Been workin on 3 rangers at once plus other vehicles, sux.. But indoor space is full of old Harleys,lol. Just put a set of real chrome cobras 245 45 17X9 on my 97 2.3 5spd.. They are for sale ,excellent tires $700...

    Wanted HELP!! Wanted 90-97 5 speed manual shifter shaft/pin

    If it weren't for bad luck.....This is the part that goes through the base of the shifter and attaches it to the stub out of the trans. I can't even find a part number right now and am trying to rig up somethin so I can get to a yard and get the right part,but that might be graspin at...

    Wanted Looking for a 93-97 2.3L 5 speed donor truck, Atl,GA area

    I need all the mechanicals drivetrain wise to swap an auto to stick and a 2.3 to build but thats not a must have.. Anybody needing a body,I'll be glad to split a donor with..I'm open on price,and condition. I got the place to tear down if you don't.Idon;t really want to pay a large...

    2.3L ('83-'97) plugs

    sorry use search words autolite xp104 and it'll show then scroll seller name is autopartsaaa best price I seen was $37w/ship on evilbay $21 is a steal and theres plenty left

    2.3L ('83-'97) Good buy

    just scored 8 autolite xp104s from an amazon seller to my door for $21 shipping included,I don;t have prime, best plugs out there ..7/19/20

    Good buy!

    If anyone is in need of some autolite xp104s for thier 2.3 /2.5 I just scored 2 4 paks for 9.87 each free shippin,no i don't have prime on Amazon from an seller on Amazon .These are the best plugs you can get for these motors and the cheapest I seen was $37 for 8 on Evilbay. 7/19/20

    Parts shuttle

    Names Peter. been on here a lil while,known as Hawgford and have a few ranger projects goin, 2 of 3 on the road. I'm out of Atlanta,Ga, I am disabled,and drive anyway for Harley parts,my other addiction,so why not do the same with Ranger stuff? I don;t have any family commitments in...

    Wanted Trans swap.. 96 2.3 auto to stick

    Am in atlanta.ga area can drive. Prefer the t5 4cyl stang trans[part number?] over the Mo5d as i am rebuilding motor turbo, and need everything else.. One stop shopping for someone that has a wreck? contact me direct hawgford@windstream.net.. i'm alos looking for a long bed 58x 86...

    96 2.3 turbo build

    see my post in general discussion,maybe it should be moved here,I am learning to navigate,lol. Its stupid cold here [40s max] outside Atl,GA next few days..

    96 2.3 turbo motor build

    Hey all, happy holidays..I lurk here,the time has come to seriously start gathering parts for a motor build before my near 400,000 stocker gives up the ghost..I have read Russ Parkers article over and over,but not sure how valid it is due to time.You just can't go to the boneyard and yanks a...

    Bumpstick swap..

    Somewhere I read about using the 89-92 2.3 cam in the 93-97 head or using the 93-97 rockers,etc to change the ratio and lighten it delivering a solid 15 HP more.i have a very tired but still runnin 2.3 i want more out of for a bit longer while collecting parts etc to build a...

    2.3 Trikes

    Anybody here have/buildin one? Hopefully just scored another motor and trans combo.Am thinkin one of these stock would be a blast but since I have a Turbo ranger build in the works... Would like any input and am maybe thinkin of a frame jig/kit,?i got the skills and the tools.I...

    97 Longbed

    Have a semi rare 2.3 5speed longbed and while I found a bedliner,I have yet to find a "cap" camper shell or cover/whatever to fit..Prefer fiberglass.?Anybody found one?Brand? model#?.I also plan on turbo and a drop 3/4"f/r and was wondering if anybody has used the garret ebay...

    new FORD HD OLSCOOL Wrench on the RS 6/1

    hey ya'll new 6/1 just picked up 96 2.3 auto OD with 326K! runs ok now with new TB CPS WP and SB..Very used too old school HARLEY and FORD trucks, own 61 62 65 trucks and vans now.Got gearhead mileage minded performance questions,so please if you aint a solid tech don't jump in. no...