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  1. killj0y

    Bad coolant leak need help asap please guys

    Ok so I got coolant leaking from a weird place and I really need help identifying the part and what needs to be done to fix it. Here it is behind and under the intake manifold it has vacuum lines running out the top of it and it is leaking from under it. Seems it is sitting on the block from...
  2. killj0y

    Seatbelt donor

    What year and model Ford vehicles will be good donors for third gen driver side female seatbelt buckle? The kind with the sensor. Mine went out looks like the spring. I was originally thinking of taking the assembly off the middle belt since I converted to buckets but I read somewhere that the...
  3. killj0y

    E fan identification help.

    Ok so my brother in law had over heard me wanting to do an efan swap and since I helped him with his truck and he has a childhood friend who now owns a junkyard he tried helping me out by gifting me a fan but they didn't have any taurus carcasses except for a 96. He got one free and said if I...
  4. killj0y

    Smittybilt center console

    Anyone fit one of these in a ranger? Pics? I plan on chopping my 60/40 into buckets but wanted an affordable armrest center console combo. The expo ones I find online are way over priced imo. So I ran into some aftermarket ones from smittybilt they look like clones of the tuffy ones built for...
  5. killj0y

    P codes

    Ok so I've always had the following p codes and honestly I've read up on them many times and have come up empty or any attempts to diagnose have been unfruitful. So could a few experts chime in. The truck runs good and no cel so I've had it on the back burner. P0443 P0401 P0420 Sent from my...
  6. killj0y

    Need help with trailer wiring

    Ok so I wired in a universal wiring harness on a trailer I'm restoring and same for my truck to tow said trailer. My problem is that I've gotten everything wired correctly on the trailer and it works. On the truck though all lights through the harness work except I have no brake lights on the...
  7. killj0y

    heater bypass valve question

    this might not exist but in case it doesn't has anyone fabbed up a stronger bypass? I ask because I've had it pop twice in just a few short years of ownership and it feels like a weak link in the cooling system. Before I go and start tinkering with ideas I was curious if anyone has found...
  8. killj0y

    Second Battery Location

    I've been tossing around the idea of adding a second battery but I struggled with where to put it. Well has anyone here tried mounting it in the spare tire carrier? I was thinking a waterproof box bolted or somehow attached down there then with a one way setup to keep it charged. It would help...
  9. killj0y

    Just checked out this subforum...

    Didn't know it existed, if you need help let me know this is my specialty. :thumbup:
  10. killj0y

    Gears help

    Ok so I have a 7.5 rear end and running 31s on my 2.3 96. I have the 3.73s and 5th gear is useless therefore on the highway I can barely do 65/70. I'm considering changing then out for 4.10s but I'm worried about losing even more top end. Basically the get up and go at the low end is...
  11. killj0y

    Door carpet accents.

    Anyone know how they come off? You know the ones that go on under bottom of the third gen doors? I'm gonna redo the headliner in camo and wanted to do those accents too since they look shitty in carpet lol. Also anyone ever try to redo the rear wall carpet? The trim against the back wall...
  12. killj0y

    Got a new shifter to replace my broken I've finally.

    What do you guys think :) Here's my old one that broke. Plastic piece of shit. And my new one!
  13. killj0y

    Ac flush question

    Ok so my compressor died, I'm flushing and replacing everything besides the lines tomorrow. I don't know if I have the black death yet but I'm gonna do a thorough flush anyways. My question is can I flush the high side muffler? Everywhere says no but I plan on removing it to get it nice and...
  14. killj0y

    Powee steering rebuild

    Can anyone point me to a decent guide on how to change out the seals on my pump? It works great but leaks. I've changed out the hoses so that eliminates that. Got the seal kit but the included instructions are useless as usual.
  15. killj0y

    Fuel filler neck

    I know this has been asked a few times but this is a slightly different scenario. I recently replaced my filler neck and everything has been working fine until today. I filled her up and noticed it spilled fuel. Now prior to this it was hard to fill up without the pump hose clicking. I replaced...
  16. killj0y

    The easy way to change a fuel pump...

    No helpers to lift the bed? No problem!!! Changed out my fuel filler house at the same time since it was acting up :D
  17. killj0y

    Whatcha think of...

    My new truck flag pole :D home made of course
  18. killj0y

    Airbag short?

    Are there any problem areas where the airbag system shorts on third gens? I ask because I have fixed everything left on my truck this weekend and its working great, except for the airbag light. It flashes a code 12 but only because the fuse in it is blown. When I add a new one it literally blows...
  19. killj0y

    Calling all led converts

    Ok so I redid my truck all led, everything! So it works fine and I'm using the ep27 flasher. The weird thing ever since then when then when off and in park if you step in the brake it will ding. Also the dash lights up at the same time, any idea what's wrong, nothing was rewired just bulbs...
  20. killj0y

    I feel retarded asking, but...

    Where the hell is the link to become a premium member? I've been looking for a hour and can't find it lol.