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  1. AndyB.

    Fuel sending unit

    You can get a replacement float inexpensively. I’d check to see if the resistance changes when the arm moves before replacing the unit. https://www.ebay.com/itm/231856724582
  2. AndyB.

    Fuel sending unit

    Here’s a sending unit for an ‘85 2.8, 17 gallon side tank. It’s worth pointing out that these have different failure modes. The float can leak, fill with gas, and sink. In this case you’ll always getting a reading of empty. The contacts in the resistor can wear through and give an irregular...
  3. AndyB.

    Fuel sending unit

    I don’t believe it would be the same part. The sending unit will be unique to an ‘83-‘84 Ranger with a 17 gallon side tank (in ‘85 the opening changed from 2” - 4”. You’ll need to check obsolete Ford parts dealers, such as Green Sales. Their research desk can get you the part number and tell...
  4. AndyB.

    83' Air Issue

    Still available from Ford.
  5. AndyB.

    Vapor Separator Fuel Filter - Return line to tank?

    The small line is not a return to the tank. There is a check valve that plugs into a rubber grommet on the top of the tank. As pressure builds in the tank, vapors are vented from the tank, through that line, where they’re stored in the charcoal canister until the computer opens the canister...
  6. AndyB.

    83' Air Issue

    You’re missing what feeds the air supply to the catalytic converter.
  7. AndyB.

    No power after cold spell was running fine

    Disconnecting the positive battery terminal while running will turn the car off—this is not a diagnostic test. If you want to test the battery/charging system, get a voltmeter.
  8. AndyB.

    1984 Ford Ranger going needs lots of help thanks in advance.

    The number on the intake manifold in your photo is the firing order, 142536.
  9. AndyB.

    Removing the carb spacer

    If you’re taking about the EGR spacer, it left the factory with 6mm Allen bolts with a black oxide finish. If they’ve been replaced with bulk hardware, they may have welded themselves to the intake manifold. The length of the runners in the EGR spacer will improve performance. If you have a...
  10. AndyB.

    PCV 2 post/port. Why?

    The original PCV valve from the factory only had the large port, unfortunately that was never available as a service part from Ford. The Ford service part D9BZ-6A666-A was carried forward from the ‘70s for this application. It came as a kit to cover multiple applications. The aftermarket...
  11. AndyB.

    starter grinding issues

    If your tailgate won’t open, it’s probably the handle. It’s not an expensive part or a difficult repair. https://www.ebay.com/itm/274141164534
  12. AndyB.

    Where to find engine fan replacement?

    I should have asked, but that number is for a non-ac car. With air conditioning, your part number is E4TZ-8600-A.
  13. AndyB.

    Where to find engine fan replacement?

    Part number is E3TZ-8600-L. Search on partsvoice.com, there is one available.
  14. AndyB.

    1986 2 Wheel Drive Clutch Hydraulic Line Leak

    Yes, there is an o-ring. The Ford slave cylinders come with a small envelope and these three parts included. I’d get a small hand pump that screws into the top of a gear oil bottle (less than $10) and fill through the fill plug.
  15. AndyB.

    Mixture control solenoid

    If you can cancel it, I would. It’s for a different carburetor. No idea for which application.
  16. AndyB.

    Mixture control solenoid

    Here’s the correct solenoid for your truck for $20 shipped. https://www.ebay.com/itm/303519183675
  17. AndyB.

    Oil coming out of valve cover fill cap

    What parts couldn’t you find?
  18. AndyB.

    Oil coming out of valve cover fill cap

    I’d do a leak down test, but as mentioned you probably have big issues.
  19. AndyB.

    Seperator plate worn... starter keeps moving/walking away from flywheel.

    How much play is there between the bolts and the holes in the starter? I’m guessing that when the holes in the bell housing stripped, a smaller diameter through bolt was used, and that’s what is allowing the starter to move. Fun fact: you can replace the ring gear in the flywheel, but your...