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  1. bread4pres.

    Front diff

    01 Ranger edge 4x4, Need to reseal the front diff cover, Looks a little close to the front crossmember, I didnt want to get started and find myself having to pull the front axle. Does Anybody know for sure that the cover will come out.
  2. bread4pres.


    Anybody running headers on a 4.0L? If so any problems with bolts backing off, or blowing gaskets. What's the best headers for the 4.0L.
  3. bread4pres.

    whats up?

    Whats up? been log in for a min. Never got around to do anything on here. Seems like a lot of good info.
  4. bread4pres.


    Does anyone have an sct programmer on their truck, or know anything about them? Which ones are the best?