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  1. Code 224

    CEL on my 94 Ranger is on - I ran codes and got 224. The book that came with the scanner for this code says" Distributorless Ignition System (DIS) Problem-Primary circuit failure in coil 1,2,3,or 4. My Haynes manual says "SPOUT circuit open". Since SPOUT stands for SPark OUTput, that could be...
  2. Rear leaf spring mount

    I posted this also on the 2.3 engine forum and then found that there was a separate forum for the suspension so here it is again. Just wondering if anyone has had a problem with the rear spring mount (front mount) rusting out. I realize that nothing last forever but I'm one of those folks that...
  3. Rear leaf spring mount

    Anybody had a problem with the front leaf spring mount on the rear leaf spring rusting out and breaking? Mine just did. Fortunately I found replacements at the local Advance Auto - at least online -. I'll give them a call tomorrow and make sure they can actually still get them. Just wondering...
  4. 5W-20 oil

    Just read an old Service Bulletin where Ford changed the engine oil recommendation to 5W-20. Reason for improved economy. Anybody running this? I'm running Valvoline 10W-40 still. Mine's a 94 with 187K miles now. It had 42K when I bought it and started running the Valvoline 10W-40.
  5. fast idle A/C switch/sensor

    When I turn the A/C on, the idle does not increase to compensate for the extra pull on the engine. Is there a sensor/compensator that controls this? If so where is it? I have a 94 xlt 2.3.:icon_confused: Thanks, Danny
  6. electric vs. mechanical fan

    About how much would I gain by converting from the regular mechanical fan to and electric fan on my '94 2.3?:icon_confused:
  7. Hi-flow Cats

    Are the cats that are advertised as hi-flo that much better than standard? I'm thinking in terms of the stock cat on my '94 2.3. I actually thought about posting this in the "4-banger" forum but thought it might fit better here. If they are better, which one or ones give the greatest...
  8. code 332

    Got the infamous 332 code (again) as I do about every year or so and it truns out to be the DPFE sensor. Fortunately an easy swap on my 94 2.3, but does anybody know of anyone that makes a senosor that will last longer or is there anything that I can do? I've gotten these from Advance and Auto...
  9. ? leaky fuel injectors

    My '94 2.3 runs great, just dropped in MPG from 27 to 23 (at best). I have had a suggestion of possibly leaky injectors. What should I notice?
  10. Muffler / cat question

    A few weeks ago there was a post where someone had removed the muffler and was running only the cat. I'm wondering how much difference there was in the exhaust sound. Right now I'm running a Flowmaster with the cat and the exit pipe on the Flowmaster is leaking for the second time so I'm...
  11. Performance Chips

    Anybody had any experience with performance chips on the (94) 2.3? I have read conflicting info. Some said no difference and others said more HP, torque and MPG. I wonder if the increases were "in fact" or a "hopeful perception". Any info appreciated. Danny
  12. TPS voltage adjustment

    Some time back I read I believe on this site how to do the volatge adjustment on the TPS. I remeber that ideally you want it to be a close to 1 volt as possible without going over but I don't remember which two of the three wires you read the voltage from. Any help appreciated. Danny