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  1. xkotyx

    truck wont crank with ignition switch

    Tying up loose ends on my 2.3 to 4.0 swap and i converted the 4.0 from an auto to a 5 sp in the process and at a standstill on my ignition. It cranks over and starts fine from the solenoid on the fender but it wont do anything when I turn the key over. All the gauges and accessories work so I...
  2. xkotyx

    need firewall wiring help

    I know there's an electrical section but this didn't seem to fit. I'm swapping out the 2.3 in my 91 ranger with a 4.0 from a 91 explorer. I need a wiring diagram for the connector on the firewall for both the ranger and the explorer. I checked with Ford but was told they only have them back to...
  3. xkotyx

    adjusting valves in a 2.3?

    is it possible? my valves are starting to rattle bad, not just tick. ive never done valves before so i looked it up in my haynes manual and it only shows a procedure for replacing them. the only engine that has an adjustment procedure is the 2.8. so are they adjustable or do you have to replace...
  4. xkotyx

    clearance at lowes

    stopped in at lowes today for a couple drill bits and i was excited to find that the hitachi black gold metal/wood/plastic drill bits were on clearance for about half of the original cost. i dont know if they have this at all the lowes but its worth a check. most of the normal sizes were...
  5. xkotyx

    kidney stones

    i hate them. :bawling: they hurt soooo bad, it feels like my kidneys are in a vice right now. passed 2 thursday night/friday morning. went to the ER during this, gave me pain medicine and did catscans. found out i have more in both kidneys. i had 2 more movements after i left the hospital...
  6. xkotyx

    broken wire, fuel pump not coming on

    i was cutting some of the panel under the power distribution box yesterday. i had the box moved out of the way but it fell back into place and i cut one of the wires for a relay and nicked another. ive patched up the wires that i found cut. they were the ones routing to the middle relay on my...
  7. xkotyx

    mods, can you move a thread for me?

    i posted "need help with 5.38s in a d44" in the non-ranger axle section, but we are working on it right now and kinda need an answer hopefully by tomorrow, so would yall mind moving it to the urgent help section? thanks!:icon_thumby:
  8. xkotyx

    need help with 5.38s in a d44

    this thing has had me running in circles. we finally got everything put together and the ring is barely touching the pinion! so we shim it all the way over as far as we can, and its still barely even catching the tooth. its like the ring still needs to come towards the pinion another 1/16-1/8"...
  9. xkotyx

    lock the front or no?

    im about to do my sas with a ford 9 and d44. the rear is spooled. but while the front is torn apart right now, i was thinking about lincoln locking it. and if i want it open i could always only lock in one hub. whats your experience/opinions? it will be about half and half of street/off road...
  10. xkotyx

    whats a fair price

    for my skyjacker front lift brackets, radius arm drop brackets, coils, and shocks for a 4" lift? i might be selling them before too long on here and i was wondering what to ask. theyre in perfect shape and only have maybe 4k miles on them. im keeping the rear lift blocks/u bolts.
  11. xkotyx

    what year f250 shock mounts

    did alittle searching and nobody mentions what year. will any year work? do some years line up better or anything?
  12. xkotyx

    simple question.

    got everything ready for my sas. i was just wondering, if i kept my new coil buckets at the stock height for the ranger, how much lift would i get from my early bronco 5.5" coils?
  13. xkotyx

    radius arms

    would the radius arms on a full size 78-79 p/u be the same as the radius arms on a 78-79 bronco? i would think so but i need one and a guy has a bronco says he thinks theyre different..
  14. xkotyx


    cant i find a ring and pinion for the d44 reverse rotation in 5.29s????:annoyed: they always jump from 5.13 to 5.38 thats the gear i want! haha
  15. xkotyx

    toyota trail gear leafs

    i was looking at the trail gear super flex leafs for the rear of my ranger. i saw them on mavericks ranger on the b2 frame. so im just wondering is the distance between the leaf hangers on a b2 and a ranger the same distance? thanks in advance.
  16. xkotyx

    sas transmission crossmember

    not sure if it should go here or in fabrication but i was looking at the crossmembers you can buy or make for the sas. although when i see pics people usually only take them from one angle. can someone give me pics from a few different angles, along with dimensions and measurements? thanks in...
  17. xkotyx

    full width axles

    i was wondering how my truck will look with half ton full size axles, more lift, and larger tires- like 35 or 38" tires. sorry i know these arent the best angles. if you cant do anything from this angle let me know and ill have to get a better pic.
  18. xkotyx

    ring and pinion brand.

    is one brand actually better quality than another? pricing out some gears and was just wondering about the smaller company products with cheaper prices. i was looking particularly at usa standard gears, and motive gears, as for a front and rear matching set would run me about $300- $350 as...
  19. xkotyx

    how to tell?

    tomorrow if the weather permits, im going to a pick and pull to see if i can find a used manual bw1534 tcase. my question is, is there anyway to know if its in ok condition before buying it? do i just shift through all the ranges? hate to buy one 2hrs from where i live, and have it not work.
  20. xkotyx

    Koty's 91 Ranger Build Thread

    stats as of now. 4.0 swap, fw d44 front axle, now shaved 7/8" and pushed forward 3-4", with 12" extended and wristed f150 arms. And a 31 spline ford 9" rear end, both from a 78 f150. Custom tracbar and transmission crossmember that routes over the driveshaft. 5.38 gears, full spool in the rear...