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  1. daniel3507

    tow hooks

    Easy enough to paint and way cheaper than the red and blue ones Ford sells.
  2. daniel3507

    Fog Light Replacement

    Has anyone replaced they fog lights with new led ones? Not talking about just the bulb but the entire assembly. I'm replacing mine with diode dynamics and have had a hell of a time removing the plastic splash guard. The bolt in front of the crash bar is a real pain. The but you can actually...
  3. daniel3507

    I'm Back

    Great minds enjoy great shows.
  4. daniel3507

    Show us your 2019-2020 Ford Ranger

    Bought it a couple days ago
  5. daniel3507

    I'm Back

    I used to spend quite a bit of time here many years ago. I started with a 1993 Ranger (still have it) but eventually moved onto a 2013 F-150 as a daily driver. Yesterday, I came back to the Ranger family and bought a 2019 Ranger XLT 4X4 with the sport appearance package. Loving it so far...
  6. daniel3507

    Ford to offer a TRS Edition Ford Ranger this summer...

    I haven't been around in awhile but am looking at trading in my F-150 for a Ranger so I've been lurking on TRS again. This pretty much sold me on doing it until I got to the end. Thanks Jim haha.
  7. daniel3507

    Man Survived Oklahoma Tornado In Ranger

    http://www.ktul.com/video?clipId=8917062&autostart=true Doing this from my phone so not sure it'll work. Guy took cover from the tornado in his ranger in a drive way and survived. Automatic 5 star safety rating in my book.
  8. daniel3507

    Oklahoma Tornado

    I don't know if we have any members living in or around Moore but I'm hoping we don't or that they are all safe. Lived in Oklahoma my entire life and have never seen anything like this. The way it went from nothing to massive, it just can't be described. Keep Moore in your prayers.
  9. daniel3507

    Buying A Shotgun

    I will hopefully be buying my first shotgun soon. I havent ever done any duck or turkey hunting yet but I plan on using the gun for both. I was looking at a Mossberg 500 or Remington 870 at first but I think I am going to go with Benelli Nova. Was wondering if anyone has any experience with it...
  10. daniel3507

    Truck Computer Life Span

    Is there such a thing? I don't really here about them going bad that much. I was sitting at sonic this morning and the truck suddenly died on me. It starts just fine but doesn't hold rpm so I have to constantly have my foot on the gas. Took it in and the computer has an internal error. Said it...
  11. daniel3507

    Cheaper Than Dirt

    Does anyone buy from them? I don't know if you guys have noticed but they are price gouging the hell out of things, especially magazines. Lots of people are starting to boycott them for their business practices. Multiple people on other forums have ordered magazines at normal prices from them...
  12. daniel3507

    What causes the brakes to lock up?

    I'm really getting tired of the brakes on my truck. I just replaced the fronts less than a month ago because the rotors were really warped. It also had a tendency to lock up when braking too hard, especially when wet. I dont mean hard as in slamming on the brakes either. The new set up doesnt...
  13. daniel3507

    Range Bag. What Do You Pack?

    Just curious to see what everyone takes with them when they go shooting. I have two sets of eye protection, multiple pairs of foam ear plugs, gun, ammo, cleaning supplies and spare magazines. This is bag Im using now. Would like to find a replacement for it though since I never intended to use...
  14. daniel3507

    Oil Pan Gasket Leak. Need Advice.

    I've got myself a little oil leak coming from the oil pan gasket. It's not a massive leak but every now and then it will drip oil on the ground. It hasn't been enough need a top off between oil changes but it's pretty depressing to see when I pull away. I still haven't ruled out the fact that it...
  15. daniel3507

    Uploading to YouTube

    I made my first Go Pro video the other day and tried to upload it to youtube. I used MP4 format and it went through the upload process and moved onto the the processing part. While processing though it came up and said it failed and that I should make sure I am using a supported format. I...
  16. daniel3507

    Understanding Ford Part Numbers

    Contributors: adsm08, alwaysFlOoReD, 85_Ranger4x4, daniel3507, http://www.fairlanet.com/partnumbers/ Disclaimer: The Ranger Station.com, The Ranger Station.com Staff, nor the original poster are responsible for you doing this modification to your vehicle. By doing this modification and...
  17. daniel3507

    Understanding Part Numbers

    Ive been looking for a block heater for my Ranger and have since discovered that Ford no longer makes them. No surprise there and its no big deal. There are plenty of NOS on Ebay. My question though comes down to part numbers. The main part of the part number I believe is 6D008-A. That is the...
  18. daniel3507

    Go Pro Mounting

    My girlfriend got me a Go Pro camera for christmas and I was wondering where other people mount them and what they mount them with. It came with a couple adhesive mounts. I want to be able to mount it under the truck and also on the side of my buddies car and the drag strip but am a little...
  19. daniel3507

    Sportsman Act 2012

    Don't know if you all have heard much about it but unfortunately it didn't get passed by the Senate. It's a real shame since it would have been a big step for sportsman. http://www.fieldandstream.com/articles/hunting/2012/11/speak-sportsmens-act
  20. daniel3507

    Brembo Replacement Rotors

    Has anyone used just the plain old Brembo replacement rotors? I found a really good deal on them when searching for the motorcraft replacements and am really tempted to pull the trigger. Im a little gun shy about non motorcraft rotors though after my current rotors warped after not long at all.