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  1. ZMan

    How do I pass emissions in Illinois with a 302 swap in my 04 4.0 Ranger ?

    Just not in Cuyohaga or the 6 surrounding counties, we still do emissions tests on vehicles up to 25 years old, for now.
  2. ZMan

    2022 Ford Maverick

    https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boron_steel Another term for it is "ultra high strength steel." Ford has been using a lot of it since 2012.
  3. ZMan

    2022 Ford Maverick

    Yes, it'll be built on the same chassis as the Bronco Sport. So it'll be unibody rather than body on frame. It'll have a lot of boron construction I'm sure. There's not much you can get under $20k anymore. Even the ecosport starts at $18k, so I'm doubting this'll be under 20.
  4. ZMan

    Ford sending Ohio jobs to Mexico

    That's what I meant. 🤣
  5. ZMan

    Ford sending Ohio jobs to Mexico

    I work for a Ford dealer, what we were told is they're moving ALL super duty production to Avon Lake, so that the *edited* Kansas plant will be strictly F150. I wouldn't be surprised if one of the chassis cabs, presumably the econoline or it's replacement, is what's getting sent away.
  6. ZMan

    2022 Ford Maverick

  7. ZMan

    How to get rid of rust in top rail of ext cab

    Its rusting underneath the trim? Really what I would do is sandblast it the best I can, prime it (2 part, not rattlecan junk), seam seal it, and paint it. If its between the panels you're kinda SOL though. Dang Florida trucks and their rusted out roofs (been there done that).
  8. ZMan

    F***ing Ford Ranger!

    Hey I like silly shit, this is silly, and its related to Rangers, sorry to dissapoint you. :icon_rofl:
  9. ZMan

    F***ing Ford Ranger!

    Rough crowd, I was entertained by it
  10. ZMan

    F***ing Ford Ranger!

    Warning expletives
  11. ZMan

    kunar's turbo 1st gen

    Yeah theres really no headers that fit good with a 351w, even stock manifolds hit the frame on the passenger side.
  12. ZMan

    How is the Ricks Rangerz transmission crossmember?

    Everyone I've seen use them had no complaints.
  13. ZMan

    Soldering iron recommendation

    my friend who installs 300 remote starts a year just uses a harbor freight soldering iron. He keeps a few of them in stock and just tosses them as he wears them out lol.
  14. ZMan

    what did you get for christmas

    My parents are paying to install a garage door on my barn/shop for Christmas, 8-10 week wait, should have it in January 6th, then gotta set up an appointment to get it installed. Got a print of Boba Fett taking a shit on the toilet from my wife :icon_rofl: Got some shirts from my Dad, and some...
  15. ZMan

    This place is a bad influence.

    Yea..I never set out to buy a Ranger. I was with my Dad on my way to look at a '78 C10 4x4 when I spotted my '92 for sale at a gas station. Went and looked at the C10, decided it was too much of a project, went back to check out the Ranger. Bought it Christmas Eve 2002. I never intended to...
  16. ZMan

    Floor jack lifting points?

    If I need to lift the whole frontend up at once I usually jack right from where yours is in the picture :dunno: I have a much larger jack than yours though.
  17. ZMan

    Modding Mishaps: post your blunders

    How is a 2001 Monte Carlo still worth $6k? I bought a 1999 Park Avenue Ultra in 2007 for a little less than that, and after I had a similar experience to you with it, sold it in early 2012 for $2600.
  18. ZMan

    Modding Mishaps: post your blunders

    I cut the roof off of my ranger to install a "superdome"...then promptly broke the superdome.
  19. ZMan

    How do you fill up with cash?

    The only place that applies around here is on the commercial side. Us normal drivers pay the same cash or card. But some stations (like Circle K and GetGo) have started they're own payment systems that offer cheaper prices if you get one of their cards.
  20. ZMan

    Vultures damaged my truck

    Robins do that to my F150 every year. They don't eat any plastic though, just fight with themselves in the windows and mirrors and shit all over it.