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  1. ZMan

    2022 Ford Maverick

  2. ZMan

    F***ing Ford Ranger!

    Warning expletives
  3. ZMan

    The last original Ranger

    What a bummer https://www.foxnews.com/auto/the-last-original-ford-ranger-has-been-exterminated Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  4. ZMan

    Turn signals not working

    I recently purchased a new to me 1998 Ranger. When I got it the brake lights weren't working, none of the dash lights worked, and while driving it home, the turn signals stopped working. Brake lights were the switch on the pedal, and the instrument cluster just needed new bulbs. I bought a...
  5. ZMan

    Dim High beams, dash indicator on all of the time.

    Trying to figure out this issue with my headlights. The low beams work fine, but the high beams are very dim. My grounds are good, when I disconnect one ground, the other headlight gets to its normal brightness. The high beam indicator on the dash stays on all of the time, even when i remove...
  6. ZMan

    Truck of the Month Nominations are up!

    Have a truck you'd like to nominate for Mini truck of the month or Off Road truck of the month? Go here: http://www.therangerstation.com/forums/showthread.php?p=1441696#post1441696 Want to get your truck to get nominated? Post it here and maybe someone will nominate you...
  7. ZMan

    What to do with girlfriends Accord..

    So my girlfriend has an '03 Accord, she bought it 2 years before we met. She got it with 94k on the clock, then as is the case with just about every Honda with a v6 and an automatic, she had the transmission rebuilt at about 105k, she spent $3g on that. She drives A LOT, and the car now has...
  8. ZMan

    Nominate someone for truck of the month!

  9. ZMan

    TRS windshield banner in Medina..

    Who is this? I keep seeing a black 3rd gen 4x4 rolling around Medina with a TRS windshield banner, curious who it is!
  10. ZMan

    Anyone understand Ford Credit?

    So I've owned my F-150 for a few months now, so far I've paid extra on all of my payments. I make all my payments online on FordCredit's website. The problem I'm having is when I pay extra, the extra amount isn't actually going towards the principle, they're splitting it and putting some...
  11. ZMan

    Ford Pinto headliner parts?

    I figure there has to be someone here who has or knows where to get pinto parts. I'm looking for the headliner retainers out of one. Heres a crappy cell phone picture from one of my custom interior books: I'm doing a full custom interior on a '50 Ford, and I would like to get these pieces...
  12. ZMan

    Bought a new F-150 this weekend..

    No more daily driving the Jeep, it rolled over 210,000 Friday. This is my first brand new vehicle, it was a learning experience for sure, went in wanting an XL, and I left with an XLT, they got me, lol. Everything I wanted though, Black, Ecoboost, 4x4.
  13. ZMan

    Truck of the year voting is up in the TOTM forum!

    http://www.therangerstation.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=78 Check it out! Also one more day to get nominations in for Street and Offroad truck of the month.
  14. ZMan

    '92 Ranger failed smog test.

    Went to get my truck tested today so I could get plates on it. It failed. It was high on Carbon Monoxide (11.4, limit is 1.68), and Hydrocarbons (201.2, limit is 151). I just put a brand new Magnaflow Cat on it last week, and I have maybe 20 miles on it. The people at the station said the...
  15. ZMan

    AM radio sounds terrible in 97 f150

    My dads 97 f150 seems to be having a little trouble with the am radio. It is extremely staticy, and is affected by anything else electrical on the truck. Like if you have the blinker on it clicks, or if you roll the window up/down it makes an aweful noise. Its a factory cassette radio, has no...
  16. ZMan

    a few pics from the NE Ohio meet

    Last Sunday we had a NE Ohio meet at Swensons in North Canton, had a decent turnout.
  17. ZMan

    Ratrod Ranger anyone?

    years ago I thought of doing pretty much the exact same thing with a 2nd gen extended cab..I like his idea with the windshield. http://youngstown.craigslist.org/pts/2870926354.html
  18. ZMan

    Why is my buick such a pain? Door lock actuator this time..

    So I'm in the middle of replacing my passenger door. I have to replace it because the thing locked itself shut, so I cut a hole in it so I could access the latch and get the door open. Unfortunately after I got the new door on (with the latch from the new door), it still had the same problem...
  19. ZMan

    Anyone watch ax men on history?

    I watch the show every week, one of the guys, dave, that works for rygaard logging, drives a b2. On this episode they dropped a tree on it! Thing was pretty nice!
  20. ZMan

    Truck of the year voting is up.

    Street and Offroad Truck of the Year polls are up in the Truck of the Month forum, check em out. Votings ends the 31st of January. Don't forget to nominate for this months trucks of the month either! Voting begins the 16th of every month. CLICK HERE!