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  1. sending unit

    what olm for a 99 ranger sending unit?
  2. rear left shock

    If I move my left shock in front of my axcle will it mess with handling or ride? I,m thinking of putting in a rear fuel tank. Thanks joey!
  3. Fuel tank

    Has anyone put a e150 fuel tank in the rear of ranger how did it fit? My truck set about four inches lower.Thanks joey!
  4. AllanD

    Did AllanD pass away? If he did I,m so sorry! Been trying to find information on his fuel tank swap . So far i,ve looked thru 200 page of information and only have about 500 to go. If some one know where to find the write up it would save my eye sight . Thanks joey!
  5. Fuel tank

    Does anyone know where to look for Allen d post on a ford truck fuel tank in the rangers? Thanks joey! I was wanting a rear fuel tank in the back of my ranger.
  6. Rear door

    Anyone have a spare rear left door you want to part with Thanks joey!
  7. Rear door

    Any body have a spare left rear door that you want to part with? THANKS Joey!
  8. aod

    anyone have a aod kickdown cable
  9. fans

    what size electric fan for a v8
  10. Oilpan

    Does anyone have a 5.0 oilpan? Thanks joey!
  11. Polishing aluminum

    Whats the best way of polishing aluminum? Valvue covers have dark spots.
  12. Lokar

    Anyone have a aod kickdown cable? thanks joey
  13. Lokar

    does anyone have a lokar kick down cable for ford aod
  14. lifters

    whats the differance in blocks? Thanks joey!
  15. Oil pans

    Does any body no where to put the pan dipstick from a front sump into a mustang rear sump? My oil pan doesn,t have a dipstick and my block doesn,t have a hole . I
  16. oil pan

    Is the only oil pan that will work on a two wheel drive ranger v8a dual hump like from a mustang?
  17. oil pan

    how come some oil pan for mustangs have a front dipstick and other have pan dipsticks. I was told that that the front dipstick was wrong and would not read the amount of oil right. The pans are the same except for the dipsticks. Thanks joey!
  18. Gas tanks

    I was wondering what you guys are using for a rear gas tank where the spare tire is ? I,ve read on here some said f150 or from a jeep. I,ve read a lot on here but can,t find the post. THANKS joey!
  19. Seats

    Has any one put mazda milliam seat in a 99 ranger
  20. new web site

    Am I the only one that hates the new site?