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  1. XionicWaste

    What truck is this?

    The reason I ask is because I want this emblem!
  2. XionicWaste

    Can someone provide a measurment?

    Hey all! Can someone please measure their stock Ranger (92-97) from the centerline of the hub to the upper body line? I am just finishing up my SAS and would like to know how much lift I currently have. Thanks in advance!
  3. XionicWaste

    Distance from Coil to Tire

    So I purchased some Skyjacker Coils and they are way, way wider than I expected. The coils are 6" wide at one side and 7 at the other. I guess I should have done more research but even now I cannot find that info online... oh well. My real question is if I end up using these coils I know I...
  4. XionicWaste

    Price of Dana 35 axle shaft?

    So I broke an ear on my right side axle shaft and I called the junk yard and they told me 65 dollars per shaft. Whats the going price for a shaft?
  5. XionicWaste

    "Big Darla" Build Thread

    Most Recent Truck Picture: Modifications from front to back: Stinger/clean tube bumper 8500 Lb Superwinch Chopped Grill Hood Pins Re-centered Stock Front Fenders Warn Premium Hubs 4" Front Stretch 1979, F150 Dana 44 Solid Axle (Narrowed to 60") Spool and geared to 4.88 Solid Diff Cover F250...
  6. XionicWaste

    I can appreciate any rig well done.

    My buddy posted this on my Facebook wall. You should check out some of the pictures and some of his ideas. I want a cross member like he did (page 4) and check out the awesome dove tail on page 7. Enjoy: http://www.jeepforum.com/forum/f22/dark-side-381725/index2.html
  7. XionicWaste

    Dana 35 Spider Gear Thrust Washer Size

    Hi, Im looking for a few Spider Gear thrust washers for my Powertrax locker and I think I have found some but the sizes listed in the description do not match my measurements. What do you think? I get 1 9/16" or 1.5625 ID The website states the ID is .685" W/Step... Whats the step and is...
  8. XionicWaste

    My Weekend From Hell.

    So on Thursday I drove down to Denver to install 4.88 gears and lockers in the front and rear axles of my truck. I had to leave at 4am to get to the guys house by 830. Well we recieved a bunch of snow so the roads were pretty bad. Around 2 hours into the trip I started to lose power. I have...
  9. XionicWaste

    Yukon or Nitto Gears

    So Im re-gearing to 4.88 and I was wondering why the Nitto gears and master install kits are about 50 bucks cheaper per item... Is there anything wrong with them? Anything different? http://www.trsfabandoffroad.com/products/d28-d35_gears.htm
  10. XionicWaste

    Can A Stock Dana 35 TTB Handle 35's?

    Can a stock dana 35 TTB handle 35s? I am regearing this fall and might as well go big or go home right? Could the explorer axle shafts fit in the stock dana 35? I know those were 31 spline if that would help... Should I just fork out the cash for a dana 44? It might be cheaper to regear then...
  11. XionicWaste

    Tire Size of Jim Oaks Ranger 2

    Basically what the title states... What size are his tires. I'm curious because he's using 4.56 gears and I want to change my gears and get larger tires. Currently I have 3.73's with 31's.
  12. XionicWaste

    Spare Parts For Off Roading?

    I'm going to Moab, UT for spring break and I was wondering what I should bring for spare parts? I already want to get a spare drive shaft but what else should I bring or keep in the truck?
  13. XionicWaste

    How Much Grease In Automatic Hubs & 4wd Clunk/Squeak

    Hello, I've got a recently purchased 96 Ranger with automatic hubs and its been making a rotational clunking and squeaking noise only when the 4wd is engaged. I'm close to positive the squeak is from the double cardan off of the transfer case but the clunking I am still unsure of. The clunk...
  14. XionicWaste

    New Member...

    Hello, I am a new member and own a 1996 Ford Ranger, manual transmission, auto locking hubs, 4 inch lift. Thats my small introduction. Thanks!