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  1. Craig0320

    James Duff Factory Pre runner Ranger for sale on Facebook.

    https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1714859385344319 This has been up for a few weeks. The listing started off at 2500.00. Don't know anything about James Duff edition.
  2. Craig0320

    31K 1993 f350 7.3 IDI

    Check this thing out.
  3. Craig0320

    New Shop!

    Well I haven't been posting much or at all since around March. I am pretty much done with my shop. Here are a few pics.
  4. Craig0320

    Anyone else built/updated their computer recently?

    I upgraded a few things. Old system. New system. AMD FX8350 Core i5-9600k 3.7ghz OVERCLOCKED TO 4.6GHZ. I AM GOING TO...
  5. Craig0320

    Got good results for motor magic engine flush.

    05 silverado had an oil change. Fired it back up and the lifter had pretty much collapsed from trash. It was causing a slight miss in the engine. Ran motor magic through it and it was half as loud. Change the oil and ran it at 4k for a minute. It idled down and after a minute it slightly came...
  6. Craig0320

    How much is my ranger worth?

    Thinking about doing body work and getting it painted next year then selling it. What you guys think its worth? 75k on motor rear end transmission. 2000 5.0 explorer motor 4r70w 4406 manual shift transfer case. Everything works.
  7. Craig0320

    Friendly Comparison of Ford 7.5 460 to Gm 8.1 496.

    Who has driven both and what is there take.
  8. Craig0320

    Bout to Start Building a Shop YAY!

    Going to pour the slab in October. 30X40 and going to pour footers for snap on car lift that I got for free.
  9. Craig0320

    Weak/Bad 02 sensors and car batteries cause all sorts of problems.

    Long story short I've had power loss for some time now. Installed a new fuel pump helped but still felt weak. My shifts where getting firm to harsh. Fuel trims were negative and barely went positive under load. My battery was only holding voltage for about 3 hours now. I have been milking it for...
  10. Craig0320

    Found 5.0 expo for sale

  11. Craig0320

    Slept at Atl Airport Thursday night.

    So I went to Raleigh NC for a John Deere tech school. Boarding my return flight Thursday they made me check my bag because of full flight even though it was carry on. Got to Atl at 7 p:m. Flight was at 9:53. Got close to time. Delayed an hour. This continued until it was delayed until 6:45 a:m...
  12. Craig0320

    Thinking about converting to live axle setup on 98 ranger.

    Well my rugged ridge manual locking hub feel off somewhere. I am thinking about getting explorer hubs with axles to convert it to a live axle. I wonder how much this will affect fuel mileage and parts wear. Any suggestions?
  13. Craig0320

    New 2020 Ford Super Duty 7.3 Big Block Coming Out!

  14. Craig0320

    Fuel pump going.

    Well I guess im gonna have to get a fuel pump for my truck. Running 62 psi idle. Drops to 48 on fast rev. After the pump cycles with the key on the pressure goes from 64 to 10 psi in about 4 seconds. Does anyone know of a good pump assembly only besides buying everything?
  15. Craig0320

    Does anyone have an unmarried SCT X4 Programmer for sale.

    I am looking for one for my 5.0 ranger.
  16. Craig0320

    Wanting suggestions on handheld tuner for my 5.0 ranger.

    As the thread title says.
  17. Craig0320

    Went to the Hunting Camp. Anyone Else?

    Planted and cleared all the lanes with a chain saw and hedge trimmers. Worked about 16 hours this weekend. Lots of bucks on camera.
  18. Craig0320

    Need prayers for our members in Florida and anyone else ahead of Hurricane Micheal

    God protect everyone in the path of this deadly storm before and after. Take care everyone and be safe. Do not take anything for granted. Leave if you can. I went through a direct hit with Hurricane Katrina. I think this one is gonna to be worse. God Bless.
  19. Craig0320

    Thinking about getting a 3/4 ton want input.

    Looking at a chevy 2500 with the 6.0. I only tow about 5 times a year and max is usually around 11k. What gasser f250 in lets say. 2000-2010 has decent pulling power in a gasser?
  20. Craig0320

    Look what was inside my fuel filter

    Recently I noticed a hesitation hitting passing gear and a fuel mileage drop. Decided to change the fuel filter and found all kinds of goodies. Water, sand, misc debris, and what looked to be gas.