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  1. Drag Truck - The Danger Ranger

    Mustang II front suspension and crossmember are on order and will be here first week of April (DANG YOU BACKORDERS!).
  2. Drag Truck - The Danger Ranger

    Just a quick update video. Roll cage has been ordered from S&W and will be here in about 3 weeks. This week I'm ordering the front suspension so hopefully it'll be here by the time the cage shows up. This video is just prepping the truck to take to the local rod shop for the cage and front end...
  3. Drag Truck - The Danger Ranger

    Hey everyone! New video is up. Day 1 of making this thing TURBOCHARGED. Removed the wiring harness and pulled the drivetrain to prep for it getting a cage installed and the front end redone. I have 9 weeks left of grad school so this won't be a quick phase of the project, but I will be posting...
  4. Drag Truck - The Danger Ranger

    Hey friends, quick update. Trailer still hasn't been found. Over the MLK weekend coming up, I'm going to start stripping the truck to prep it for a local rod shop to do a full cage and front end build. Once it is back in the garage, the turbo build will finally start! Spent quite a few weekends...
  5. Drag Truck - The Danger Ranger

    Ya unfortunately the rivets rusted and the serial plate fell off. Other than the financial loss (not springing for a new trailer yet), I put about 24 hours of labor into removing all the rust and repainting it in the Spring.
  6. Drag Truck - The Danger Ranger

    Not the update I wanted to post, but here it is anyway...hoping the cops find it before I drop the $$$ on a new one when I get these electrical issues sorted out.
  7. Drag Truck - The Danger Ranger

    Thanks! Definitely a labor of love, that's for sure. Please consider subscribing to my YouTube channel...almost to 100!
  8. Drag Truck - The Danger Ranger

    Update to above. Looks like the stuff on the board is just extra paste that oozed through. Sometimes all you need is a second set of eyes. Got a test back from someone. Same resistance...back to troubleshooting
  9. Drag Truck - The Danger Ranger

    Friends, I need some help. I've been trying to chase down a CMP sensor issue that I believe is the source of my not being able to get all the way up on the 2-step. I've run the diagnostic tree and it is failing a resistance test. It is supposed to read greater than 10K ohms, but I get 1.8K at...
  10. Drag Truck - The Danger Ranger

    Hey everyone apologies for the long break! With corona closing tracks and me moving across the country, I didn't get much done truck wise. I'm now at sea level so I did an apples to apples comparison before tackling the cam sensor issue I've been having. Sorry for the shaky video in the...
  11. 91 Ranger bodied 5.3 ls swap

    What a knob. His one question about backspacing got answered and he bounces. Probably a snow flake in real life.
  12. Drag Truck - The Danger Ranger

    First TnT was today and boy was it an emotional roller coaster. If anyone knows how to disable a limiter within the tune that limits transbraking to 2500 rpm, I will be eternally grateful!
  13. Drag Truck - The Danger Ranger

    After some consideration, foot braking wasn't getting the full benefit of the new converter so I installed a transbrake today. Track opens in 3 weeks and I'm quite excited to test it out! Still working through getting the trans tune sorted out so hopefully it'll be reading for the first TnT of...
  14. Drag Truck - The Danger Ranger

    Only able to get in 1 test drive this weekend. Making some tuning tweaks to hopefully bring this trans to where we want it. Tracks open in a month or so for TnT so the clock is ticking! Latest video below (includes a test drive!)
  15. Drag Truck - The Danger Ranger

    Hey friends! Been working hard at getting the winter mods into the truck. Today I'm at about 95% of the way to getting everything reinstalled in the truck so I can get in some test drives this holiday weekend. I now have a Circle D 3b converter (3500 stall), MSD 2-step, and an SFI flexplate. I'm...
  16. Drag Truck - The Danger Ranger

    Painted the pit bike and ran into some engine issues
  17. Drag Truck - The Danger Ranger

    Hey friends I picked up a pit bike yesterday! Please consider liking and subscribing to help my videos reach more people.
  18. Drag Truck - The Danger Ranger

    Nothing done internally. No forged internals, no cams or upgrade heads or anything like that.
  19. Drag Truck - The Danger Ranger

    My truck's sponsor, Auto Mafia Racing, crushed the 3.7 sealed motor record by a half-second over the weekend at Cleetus and Cars. The motor itself has 150k miles on it. He is the go-to guy for anything 3.7 and has competitive pricing on almost all brands of performance parts Support the small...
  20. Recommendations for new AC kits - 97' 3.0 5 sp. XLT

    I installed a full kit in my heater only 97 w/ 2.3 and 5 speed. I did a quick search of the internet and I think I got it through ACKITS.COM as the site looks familiar. Took a full day to install but looked stock on the truck and worked great. Had the truck for 5 years after that and never had...