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  1. lucasruble

    Grinding noise, loss of power from stop when trying to accelerate

    Hello! I am having the exact same problem as another thread (Quoted below. Also, I don't think my grinding noise is as aggressive as described in the quote), but I eliminated the possibility of it being the rear axle (the cause of the problem in the quoted thread) by removing the driveline...
  2. lucasruble

    '93 4.0 Intermittent stalling/missing/dying at idle

    First off, I have noticed that when I fire it after cool down (such as the next day ), it will run slightly rough until I supply fuel, then allow the engine to regulate idle. I'm pretty sure this roughness is tied to my stalling/dying problem. Anyway, on to the main issue..CEL will come on...
  3. lucasruble

    2000 3.0L VIN "V" into a 1998 3.0L VIN "U". What needs to be replaced?

    2000 3.0L VIN "V" into a 1998 3.0L VIN "U". What needs to be replaced? Just picked up a 1998 Ranger with a 3.0L VIN "U" with a bad engine. Got a line at a yard on a 2000 3.0L VIN "V" Flex Fuel. What components need to be changed from the non-Flex Fuel motor to the Flex Fuel motor for proper...
  4. lucasruble

    1 piece driveline swap, quick question.

    When getting a 1 piece from a 98+, I know it doesn't matter what tranny it has, and obviously it needs to be a super cab (as this is what I have). My question is does it matter what engine size I get the shaft from?
  5. lucasruble

    Do I need more amperage?

    Just got me a push bar with some lights included from the wrecking yard I work at. I was wondering if I need to get a higher wattage alternator to keep up with the demand of (hypothetically/if needed) running fogs, h.i.d. heads, the new floods, and the usual electronic drain (stereo etc...). If...
  6. lucasruble

    Steering stabilizer help...

    I bought a skyjacker stabilizer for my '93 ranger and the instructions are vague at best. The picture they have is probably the 300,000th one they've ran off and is black as night, lol. I don't even think its a pic of my application or even close. I was wondering if anyone could help with where...
  7. lucasruble

    Wheel bearings loosening.

    I haaaate the d35 system for setting the wheel bearings!!! I found something(not sure if it's a mod or an upgrade) on the ranger station site to convert the system to a normal (no pin) system, I just can't find it again. Anybody know where thats at????
  8. lucasruble

    M5OD-R1HD Transmission Swap....

    I was looking to swap my R1 5-speed with an R1HD. What ID number do I look for? I have a 1993 ranger and obviously I don't want to get the wrong one. The choices are: 1L54-HB, 1l54-HB, F87A-FA. I think it's the F87A-FA, as that's what's listed in the Hollander (wrecking yard) program for...
  9. lucasruble

    Stock tire size..

    Can anyone tell me what the stock tire size was on the '93 ranger? Mine was a stolen recovery and they removed the sticker in the jamb...morons...
  10. lucasruble

    Putting a lift on. Need alignment bushings?

    Just wondering if I would need alignment bushings. Putting on a Rough Country 4'' (first lift).
  11. lucasruble

    HID foglights

    I am wanting to install HID bulbs in my fog lights, but, I believe the bulbs are too long to fit in the oem fixtures. I was wondering what anyone else has done to thwart this problem.
  12. lucasruble

    Where to buy this grille guard???

    I want this style grille guard and I've seen them on a 93-94. I CAN'T FIND THEM ANYWHERE!! Does anyone know where to buy one for my application (1993) or is there someone who has fabbed one in from another year? http://rngrroc.20megsfree.com/photo.html
  13. lucasruble

    Do I need to change carriers?

    I'm gonna go from 3.73's to 4.56's in my '93. I was wondering if I'll need new carriers. 8.8 rear and dana35 front (but i'm sure all of you know that by now! : ) ) Thanks in advance!
  14. lucasruble

    New to T.R.S.

    Hello everyone! My name is Lucas and I happened to stumble (luckily) on TRS when browsing aimlessly for my '93 Ranger. I LOOOVE THIS SITE!! Thank you to all who have contributed to this site for there is a wealth of material here I had no idea existed. This is how I feel times a billion...