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  1. swickwake

    86 b2 tank swap into 98 ranger

    i ran into some problems with my swap. i ben doing a lot of research and talked with a few people about this swap. everything i found and heard said that when it comes to the electrical and plumbing of the thnk is straight forward and is pretty close to plug and play. i found that this is not...
  2. swickwake

    Expo 8.8, FW 8.8, or 9?

    haha cool. if you have any question feel free to pm me. good luck looking for a d44.
  3. swickwake

    Expo 8.8, FW 8.8, or 9?

    swapped out the ranger axle for the f-150 8.8 today. the swap went really smooth. the axle came out of a 93 f-150 with a 5.0 motor with 4x4. the gear set that is in the axle is 3.55 l/s. the track width of this axle/wheel combo is 74" out side of tread to out side of tread. mock up. installed
  4. swickwake

    1 piece vs 3 piece

    im thinking about changing the look of my truck and i figured the easiest way would be to go with a one 1 piece. if this worked out it would b a 100% swap from one truck to the other. plus i would get a little cash. this would be the clip. my clip
  5. swickwake

    3 year old dell inspiron e1505 has no sound.

    my computer lost all its sound around 6 months ago. i've just lived with it since then. but during that time i have also trying to figure out whats going on with it. right now im fully over not having sound and with school restarting in a few weeks i need it back. i have tried almost every...
  6. swickwake

    Swick's Prerunner

    I started the build of my truck back in the summer of 08 and have been working on it ever since. The building of my truck is done in stages. So far im on stage 6 and I have 2 to 3 more to go. A little history: On a warm summer afternoon while I was headed home after long day of floating. Long...
  7. swickwake

    check it

    http://dirtunited.com/forum/ just started. lets all help it grow.
  8. swickwake

    no power to the ac compressor

    like the title says i do not have power to the compressor. i swapped in a new 4.0 motor along with all the accesories so i had the freon removed from the original system i went to get it replaced and they said they could not due to the fact that the compressor does not have power. what...
  9. swickwake

    rims for blitz mid travel

    i need rims to fit the blitz mid travel kit. stock rims will not work. i know i need 3.75 back spacing but i do not know the offset. -6mm or -19mm
  10. swickwake

    re gear me please

    looking to re gear my rear axle to run 33' tires. the current running gear in my truck is 4.0 motor, 5r55e auto trans, 8.8 3.73 L/S rear end. i will be doing 60% Daily street driving and 40% mountain/desert dirt roads. what are my options? thanks for the help
  11. swickwake

    gas tank ?

    will a gas tank out to a 98 extended cab with a 4.0 work with a 01 single cab with a 4 cyl motor? shane
  12. swickwake

    3.0 to 4.0 swap

    i am planing to do a 3.0 to 4.0 swap in to me 98 ranger. will me dash harness out of my 3.0 work. would i have to change some thing to make the 4.0 work. thanks for the help shane
  13. swickwake

    8.8 width?

    what is the width of an 8.8 axle drum to drum? thanks shane
  14. swickwake

    hello there

    this is my official introduction i have all ready posted up in the prerunner section and let me see your bumper thread. the name is shane mt turck is a 98 black xlt 4.0 ranger it is also my project truck. shane
  15. swickwake

    tube bumper/skid plate bulid

    this thread has been down and is now fixed i built this bumper back in October and have not found time since then to work on it. this is what i did. every thing in this build is all mine from the cutting, to the bending, and the welding of aluminum and steel. this is what i stated with. i...