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  1. 98 ranger xlt

    4.0 Engine noise

    Here is a video i made of my ranger with the 4.0 OHV making noise, this happens right after an oil change. If anybody knows what causes this, or if they had this issue before, let me know, thanks. 5-kXYyaaaoo
  2. 98 ranger xlt

    Temp gauge problem for 4.0

    On a cold day, After about a 10-15 mile drive the temp gauge will barely get above the cold mark, the heat works fine. In the morning when i start it the temp gauge reads way below the cold mark and slowly creeps up just past the cold mark. Just trying to figure out what is wrong before i...
  3. 98 ranger xlt

    Power steering issue.

    Hey guys, i am having an issue with my power steering on my truck. Today i flushed the power steering out, and filled with new, got all the air bled out, when i got done i parked the truck, and when i was parking it started shuddering real bad. So i checked the fluid and it was low, so i put...
  4. 98 ranger xlt

    So fresh and so clean

    Just got done cleaning this pig up Plus a lil flexin
  5. 98 ranger xlt

    Wheel bearing question

    Can i use new wheel bearings on old races if i pack them good?
  6. 98 ranger xlt

    Look what i bought today

    Bought these today off of one of my bros friends. they are jbl 1000 watt speakers 10 inch. Gonna power them with this Its a koiler(never heard of it)1000 watt amp what do you guys think.
  7. 98 ranger xlt

    Need help

    Is there anybody here that is a member a ranger forums.
  8. 98 ranger xlt

    Strangest thing

    I had to come to a hard stop today and when i did Something in the left front wheel was clicking\ticking and it not the ABS because it only has it on the rear and when i would turn it would grind only did this once and cant figure it out:icon_confused:
  9. 98 ranger xlt

    Towing capacity

    I was just wondering what the towing capacity is on my truck it is a 98 ford ranger xlt 2/Dr ex/cab with the 4.0 v6 2wd 5r55e trans .Unsure of the gears it is a r5 axle code.
  10. 98 ranger xlt

    Post pics of your stereos

    I want to see everybodys stereo set up including speakers and boxes (if any) i will post pics of mine tomorrow.