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  1. gw33gp

    4.0 SOHC

    I think it is easier to remove the wheel wheel liner too. That way you can get up in there with good vision and room to remove and, most importantly, install the right side tensioner. It is not easy to remove the liner but it is not that hard. Everybody has there own ways of doing things though.
  2. gw33gp

    Warranty vs self oil changes.

    I am a firm believer that todays oils are better than years ago, if you use quality oil. I have almost 260K miles on my 02 Ranger 4.0 SOHC and always change the oil every 20K miles. That was established with oil analysis starting with my 89 Ranger. That is made possible by running a micron...
  3. gw33gp

    2.3L ('83-'97) Clutch Bleeding Issues After Transmission Swap

    I know you said you replaced the pilot bearing but that is one thing that can make a difference between the engine running or not. If it is binding some way or the transmission input shaft is contacting the flywheel rotation in some way. I know that would not make the clutch pedal soft but it...
  4. gw33gp

    Best Shocks for front end

    I agree with Bilsteins, but it in not a good idea to just put them on the front. Shocks should match in all four corners or you can get some strange handling characteristics. Just like putting different tires front and back. Sometimes you can get lucky and make it work and other times it can...
  5. gw33gp

    Track Day Willow Springs

    It sounds like you know what you are doing and don't need my advice. That is amazing that you can race your truck and still use it to haul stuff. That photo titled 'session 3 turn 6' threw me off when I saw that fence on the right. It looked like you were on the Streets of Willow side of...
  6. gw33gp

    What is my best plan of action to improve 94 ranger brakes?

    I have towed my race car many miles all over the country with both my 89 and 02 Rangers. I think my 02 brakes came from the factory with less adequate brakes than my 89. I upgraded both with better friction pads and shoes to improve braking that I feel was more than satisfactory for towing...
  7. gw33gp

    Moab trail closures - comment period closes 4/26

    I have run some of that area. The trails there are very established and I don't understand why they would close it. As I recall there is a BLM campsite not too far from Gemini Bridges. Would they close that down too?
  8. gw33gp

    Track Day Willow Springs

    That appears to be Streets of Willow. I have never run that track but have run the long track many times over 30 years of racing in SCCA. That looks like a lot of lean for an asphalt track vehicle. I have never run a truck but it looks like you could use a stiffer front sway bar and maybe...
  9. gw33gp

    New catalytic converter pipe failure.

    I received the new cat today. I just looked at the area to see if there was any indication of anything there. I was very surprised. That is where the hanger bracket was welded. That was hinted at before but I didn't think to take a look. The hanger bracket had fallen off after it broke out...
  10. gw33gp

    New catalytic converter pipe failure.

    The O2 sensor is on top and on the other end of that pipe. It is possible someone installed the O2 bung there by mistake and just tried to fix it resulting in the blow out. That pipe is stainless. I don think aluminized pipe would hold up to the temperature in that area.
  11. gw33gp

    New catalytic converter pipe failure.

    I installed a complete Walker catalytic converter system last year in July. A couple weeks ago on my way to work in the morning, my exhaust suddenly got really loud. I thought my Gibson cat back with over 250K miles had finally failed. When I got to work I checked it out and the Gibson system...
  12. gw33gp

    SCT tune 4.0 manual trans

    I am not sure what you are talking about. I have an SCT tuner and it has Ford with pictures of various Fords on it. I bought it in 2002 with a custom tune on it. Later, I had it upgraded to a better tune. I don't know anything about programming them but am very happy with the tunes on it. I...
  13. gw33gp

    In case you wanted a classic bmw

    My Webers have the water choke like original. I had a 67 2000 CS that had stock dual side draft carbs but I don't remember what brand they were. I would bet they were not Webers though. It didn't have velocity tubes because I ran the original air cleaner on it. They looked awesome though...
  14. gw33gp

    In case you wanted a classic bmw

    Yes, it is a shark. I see you are familiar with these Coupes. I have never had and problem with gas in the oil. My Webers were set up specifically for that BMW engine by a company called JAM Engineering. I never had to do anything other than get the linkage adjusted right to get it run...
  15. gw33gp

    In case you wanted a classic bmw

    Here's my 70 BMW that I have owned for over 40 years. I took the Zenith carburetors off and replaced them with Webers a few years after I bought it. I like the Weber carburetors a lot better than the Zeniths. I think Webers are simpler and perform better. I rebuilt them a few years ago and...
  16. gw33gp

    O2 sensor question

    Thanks guys. That confirms my thoughts but I had no facts to back it up. Now I do, I trust these are facts.:) I will be ordering two new upstream O2 sensors.
  17. gw33gp

    O2 sensor question

    I have not replaced my O2 sensors in over 150K miles. I am noticing fuel mileage starting to drop, but my Ranger is still running great. I thought I would try replacing the O2 sensors since they are overdue anyway. A question is, would worn upstream O2 sensors have the most affect on fuel...
  18. gw33gp

    Gibson Single Exit Cat back

    Yes, Gibson exhaust is louder than a stock exhaust, but I don't think it loud. Many people wanting a loud exhaust would not consider Gibson. I think my Gibson exhaust has gotten a little louder over the 21 years of use but I still don't consider it loud.
  19. gw33gp

    Ford sending Ohio jobs to Mexico

    Posted by dvdswan "I totally agree with you. Ford is in business to make money PERIOD There is no question about that. But at some point the manufacturer has to realize that quality will drop either by products purchased elsewhere or by labor. Assembly is pretty much automated. So they want...
  20. gw33gp

    2007 4.0 5 speed Front locker options

    I pay attention to all my vehicles and keep them in top condition. That is especially true of my Ranger. It has around 250K miles on it and it and I use it a lot on long term off-road adventures. I don't want to be stranded in the middle of nowhere. I have done a considerable amount of...