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  1. fixizin

    More than one shade of "tan" interior... oh well.

    LOL... truck is already BLACK + in FLorida = OVEN!... don't need to add any more solar heaters. OTOH I did see that Dupli-Color(?) or similar major brand has rattle-can paint designed for FABRIC... might be a cure--along w/ 3M Adhesive--for the tattered headliner.
  2. fixizin

    More than one shade of "tan" interior... oh well.

    No, it's definitely in the bee-ah-zhee (beige) family, but I probably need to tweak da settings on my ageing iPhone 6S. Wanted to get the dual-flap visors from an up-trim Exploder, but strangely they were trashed on the upper side--which shows when deployed--but pristine on the underside which...
  3. fixizin

    More than one shade of "tan" interior... oh well.

    Apparently all Ranger sun visors go "limp" over time, in my case just the Driver Side, thought I had a good junkyard score from a 2001 Exploder Sport-Trac, BUT... not so much. Oh well, at least I have a makeup mirror on the driver side now... in case I find a GF who lies about "can't drive a...
  4. fixizin

    UNused CONNector, Left Front, Underneath, XL trim...? (see pic)

    Thanks, figgered as much... are those on a separate switch? Any idea what the name/Part# of that connector is?... ... NOT that I would wire up a devious, Commie/pANtifa-offending device that would be useful during riots, err, I mean mostly-peaceful gatherings... :rolleyes:
  5. fixizin

    UNused CONNector, Left Front, Underneath, XL trim...? (see pic)

    Having owned the beast for 21.5 years, I'm sure I've seen it before, just never hit my "HMMMmmm" button... Body-to-Frame mount in upper right, amber running light framing lower part of pic... seems like a pretty clean connector for hanging out in the breeze... doesn't look high amperage...
  6. fixizin

    Where does this anti-chafe SPRING attach for Left Rear P-brake cable?

    One end done rusted off, it did... does it just go in a hole in the ladder frame? Here's how I found it, just flopping against the leaf spring... you can see it has chafed away most of the chafe-protection. Here I've just wedged it against the frame... looking for a likely attach...
  7. fixizin

    Which grille looks better

    Weirdly true... my '99 grille Blue Oval is pristine, rest of grille is sunburned bare plastic (to be re-painted soon).
  8. fixizin

    >>> any Exploder / Sport-Trac REAR bumpers fit Gen IV (1999) Rangers? <<<

    Thanks much, that's the kind of solid inputs I'm after. Will take pics and measurements before hitting the U-pick yard.
  9. fixizin

    31 Spline 8.8 Sway Bar

    STUDLY job! I like the "oh crap there is a shock here" swoop in the passenger side coming off the diff lol. LOL indeed... I'm sure the engineers weren't happy about that lame workaround for a not-in-the-original-spec issue. I'm still looking for the coveted Eddie Bauer Bronco-II rear sway...
  10. fixizin

    Headliner wet across front.

    Great detective work and solid repairs... OTOH, I'll never again wish I had a rear slider, lol... Kudos to Uncle Gump for the Ebay link to the 3rd brake light gasket... having just passed it's 22nd birthday, and being in rainy So-Fla, I'm sure I'll be needing one sooner rather than later.
  11. fixizin

    Looking for a 94 XLT right door panel - tan..

    That panel looks phenom for a 1994... I have not (yet) had to become familiar with said clips, but I have been combing the U-pick yard recently, and given the sad state of most seats and door panels I've seen, I would consider EPOXY or Super-Glue remedies for your virginal panel.
  12. fixizin

    Need help finding a VIN number

    Not that you're a mad bomber, but... IIRC there's some version of the VIN stamped into the left rear/main axle... not the axle housing/tube, but the spinning axle itself... and even powerful eh-splosives won't erase it. :eek:
  13. fixizin

    Which grille looks better

    DAY-um!... are these original paint jobs? Whyze does everyone's '93 look better than my '99, even though they're in da RUST belt, and I'm not...?? :icon_confused:
  14. fixizin

    Why so little about the 4.6L V8?

    Lulz... bit of topic drift, all good... you should get a sideline cobbling up fake interiors for wealthy folks having parties, soze duh guests can "crash" through "walls" and "windows"... OTOH, probably not enough "fun" for that jaded crowd. Got some mil-spec Made In The USA (supposedly)...
  15. fixizin

    >>> any Exploder / Sport-Trac REAR bumpers fit Gen IV (1999) Rangers? <<<

    Don't know if the fairly adequate Ranger brakes aren't enough for the add'l weight of RBVs, or if said RBVs attract a different personality type (lulz), BUT... there's a LOT more Exploders and -Tracs at da U-pick-it yard here in So-Fla... ... and they gots da better visors, bumpers, etc... and...
  16. fixizin

    Installing Explorer Visors into a ranger (with pics!)

    STUD-ly job, ratdude!... passed over a pristine pair of these at the U-pick, but will now go back for them! Everyone's got a road they drive where at certain times of the day/year, the stock single visor is not covering that A-pillar area, and you end up leaning one way or the other to keep the...
  17. fixizin

    > MAF HIGH (P0103) followed by MAF Low (P0102)... is that how they "burnout"??

    Went to the U-pick boneyard this past weekend--first time in a decade--and EVERY Ranger/Mazda-B/Explorer had the entire air filter box + MAF + Ribbed Tube picked clean back to the throttle-body... and in one case the TB and Intake Manifold were gone too... WTF? Do peeps destroy their airboxes...
  18. fixizin

    Why so little about the 4.6L V8?

    Lawdy, a V-10 (Viper mill?) in a Ranger... that thar is endless Bragging Rights, plus endless Lulz, in one package! I'm assuming full-time AWD, just to keep the power on the ground... most of the time...
  19. fixizin

    6.5 creedmoor

    Sounds like some range cards need to be made up for Trenton... just sayin'... just in case... for the public good... should the need arise... nudge-nudge, wink-wink... ixnay, ixnay... the chair is against the wall...