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  1. Mr. Tarkanian

    how noisy is YOUR transmission?

    I finished up my M5od swap about a month ago, and I've been driving it ever since. I took out the shifter floor plate to cut the hole, and removed all the foam insulation from the bottom, and sprayed it with bedliner. Against my better judgement, I rushed and re-installed it without any...
  2. Mr. Tarkanian

    Peppy, my little mule: A build thread

    Ok guys, I guess it's time to start a build thread. I've been lurking on this forum for going on 10 years or so, and have never really contributed much. So here we go. I plan on using this as basically a database for my pictures, progress, screw-ups and tricks I learn on the way. Hopefully it...
  3. Mr. Tarkanian

    Dash Light Issue

    I searched for this issue but came up empty handed. Is it possible for the printed circuit in the instrument cluster to have a "dead spot"? I replaced ALL of the backlights in the cluster and still have a big dark spot on the high-end of the speedometer. I'm going to double check the little...
  4. Mr. Tarkanian


    Has anyone ordered weatherstripping from BroncoGraveyard? The reason I'm asking, is it is literally HALF price of everywhere else I've found online, and I'm a bit leery of the quality... It's going on an 89 BII, in case that matters. Anybody?
  5. Mr. Tarkanian

    post M5od swap problems

    Anyone swap in an m5od and keep the electronic transfer case? Everything is working as it should, but now I have no 4x4 low. High range works fine, but when I hit the low.range button, it just blinks. Doesn't sound like the control box is even attempting to shift. I'm at my wits end. I am...
  6. Mr. Tarkanian

    Yet ANOTHER M5OD swap thread

    I've got my M5od swap almost ready to button up, I have my pedals in, my wiring ran, and my clutch/flywheel installed. Just waiting on the hydraulic pieces and I'll be bolting it in. A couple questions: I keep reading that the auto flexplate mounting bolts are different than the manual...
  7. Mr. Tarkanian

    M5OD swap

    My Bronco II A4LD/M5OD swap is about to come together, I have everything I need except the clutch kit. I have a couple questions, though, for you that have done the swap: 1) My M5od came from a 95 explorer sport 4x4, and I've noticed that the top cover does NOT have a Nuetral Safety Switch...
  8. Mr. Tarkanian

    Clutch Hydraulic lines

    M5OD swap is started in my 89 bronco II. I got the trans from a 95 explorer 4wd. It had the gold end on the slave cylinder. My question is, should I replace the slave cylinder with the 95 year slave, and use the hydraulic lines from the 95 as well? Or use the slave and lines from the older...
  9. Mr. Tarkanian


    Does anyone have a picture of the appropriate tcase shifter linkage to use with BW1350m/M5OD combo? I can't find a diagram anywhere. I'm not exactly sure what I'm looking for. Thanks.
  10. Mr. Tarkanian

    M5od swap started

    Stumbled across this on Craigslist this weekend... I had to drive 2 hours to get it, but picked it up for the paltry sum of $150. It came from a 95 explorer sport 4x4. I popped the top cover off and it looks great. The oil is just a little dark, but no big shavings, and the gears and synchros...
  11. Mr. Tarkanian

    D35 swap questions

    Are the Ranger and Explorer D35 front ends pretty much the same? I've found a junk ranger with axle tag code 610365-3, which according to my homework is a D35 with 3.73's out of a ranger/BII. While I was at the boneyard, I also found an explorer with the center-chunk removed from the TTB, and...
  12. Mr. Tarkanian

    clutch pedal is in!

    Well, the part of my build that I have been dreading for so long is finished. The clutch pedal is In, it wasn't nearly as bad as I had expected. My only problem, is that my factory auto pedal had a big plastic bracket towards the top. It operates a small round switch under the dash, kind of...
  13. Mr. Tarkanian

    Instrument Cluster cover

    Anybody ever tried to polish the clear plastic that covers the instrument cluster? Mine is scratched up and while I have it apart I'd like to clean it up some.
  14. Mr. Tarkanian

    2wd BII transmission

    Hi all, I am wanting to tackle the 5 speed swap soon, and I found a 2nd gen bronco II in the bone yard the other day. It's a 2 wheel drive, with 5 speed. I know that it will have the dummy t case, does that mean that the trans tailshaft will bolt directly to my t case? I assume it is the...
  15. Mr. Tarkanian

    Non ac heater box swap

    For you guys that have done this project, what did you use for the firewall-to-box gasket? My foam pulled off in about 30 pieces. I'm thinking black silicone?
  16. Mr. Tarkanian

    re-keying door locks?

    I'm almost done with my '89 door swap, but I'm curious if it is possible to take the door lock/hatch lock cylinders and re-key them to match the ignition switch key? Maybe take them to a locksmith? I hate having 3-4 keys just to operate 1 vehicle. Dumb question maybe, but I figured I'd make...
  17. Mr. Tarkanian

    Power Window Delete??

    The power windows/locks on my 89 BII have long since stopped functioning. I would love to just do a door swap to all manual, and have found a good set of replacement doors for $50. Has anyone ever done this swap? I'd like to, as well, delete as much of the PW/PL wiring harness as possible...
  18. Mr. Tarkanian

    FACTORY radio harness??

    So, some jack-off stole the head unit out of my 89 BII. Along with about half of my factory radio wiring harness. My question, does the radio harness plug into the main vehicle or dash wiring harness somewhere, or is it all integral/hardwired together? I like using radio adapters, and would...
  19. Mr. Tarkanian

    89TM heads?

    Hey folks, I've looked around and can only find vague answers to this question. I know in 89 Ford changed the 2.9 heads to help keep them from cracking. All I can find in the tech section is "In 89 ford improved the head castings." My question, were ALL 89 model V6's equipped with this...
  20. Mr. Tarkanian

    parts truck... will it work?

    Found a decent deal on a 92 ranger 2wd to part out for my project 89 BII. My question is, will the clutch pedal setup from the 92 work on my 89? Also the ranger is a 4cyl 5 speed, what kind of rear axle is it likely to have? Thanks all.