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  1. mitch4x4

    Bogging probem 04 4.0 ranger

    When given half or more throttle it will sometimes quit then come back to life but has no power It will rev to about 4000rpm and just bounce there feels like something to do with timing or fuel. Now I could drive it around still, then the other day it got really bad and didn't want to even...
  2. mitch4x4

    Front axel housing cracked

    Hey guys, I have not been around in a long time. Picked up a 04 ranger 4x4 supercab 4.0 auto. The front axle housing "tube" that goes to the passenger side it cracked! not sure how this happened. But wondering if you can weld it? It is a very clean break.
  3. mitch4x4

    Quick question about value?

    As most of you know I totaled (pretty sure) my ranger last sunday. The amount of damage is to both fenders, hood ,corner lights, roof is caved in, both doors smashed, all glass is gone. box is dented and torn and tail lights are gone. Along with some other things. Anyways, now time to deal...
  4. mitch4x4

    A sad day

    Well I rolled my truck today, spun off the road when it was snowing. The truck is a write off but I can still walk. However the seat belt did manage to cut most of my ear off, but luckily we have one the best plastic surgeons in the country local. So he was able to put it back on, hopefully it...
  5. mitch4x4

    Lift block question!

    I am in the process of putting my lift blocks in. Now there is the factory block that has the piece of steel going towards the pumpkin. Do I leave that on and put the lift blocks below it OR do I JUST use the lift block??:dunno:
  6. mitch4x4

    Rear brakes

    I feel embarrassed asking this, but does anyone have a link or a how to on changing rear drum brakes. I can do the fronts in no time at all but I have never dealt with drum brakes, and by the looks of it I don't want to start tearing springs and whatever else off before I know what I am doing.
  7. mitch4x4

    How much is to much?

    I am in the process of replacing all my ball joints before winter comes:bawling:. I am wondering how much play is to much? I can move my wheel back and forth but not very much, and I know its the upper ball joint but when I took it off It doesn't seem BAD like my other one was (move the joint...
  8. mitch4x4

    Body Lift 2008 Ford Ranger

    I am considering doing a body lift to my 2008 ranger, I searched for some facts but came up with very few. I have a few questions.. Does the body lift come with ALL the bumper relocation brackets? Will I still be able to use my tow hooks or will they have to come off? And with it being an...
  9. mitch4x4

    A few questions for a exhaust

    I have a 2008 ranger 4.0. I am looking to replace the exhaust soon, there is a guy in town that has duals on his ranger it doesn't seem to sound to bad. I am more worried about losing low end or MORE fuel mileage out of it? So I have a few questions, which muffler would you recommend I don't...
  10. mitch4x4

    My 2008 Ford Ranger XLT 4x4

    I bought my Ranger last February, being a ex fleet vehicle (power truck) I got a very good deal on it. Also being assembled at the twin cites plant made it kind of cool knowing the last ranger came from there. Anyways, When I first got it it had some Firestone destinations on it. Which where...
  11. mitch4x4

    Anyone from the maritimes

    Just looking to see if there is any locals on the site!
  12. mitch4x4

    box repair panels?

    Anyone have a site for repair panels for my 97 ranger
  13. mitch4x4

    quick question!! ford ranger box

    Wondering if a 2000-01 Mazda b4000 truck box will fit on my 97 ranger
  14. mitch4x4

    bronco u joint

    My truck has u joints not CVs, only a few came with this set up..can someone tell me were i can find a replacement u joint for the front driveshaft
  15. mitch4x4


    Alright, I just got a bronco 2 (1988) it needs alot of body work and some floor repair but it only has 203 000km and its a standerd transmission and transfercase also manual hubs. Anyways here are the problems.. 1)my turn singles dont work at all, no 4 ways ether..fuse? if so were are they...
  16. mitch4x4

    cadillic converter

    Does my 1990 ranger 2.9 have a cadillic converter and if so where is it at thanks.
  17. mitch4x4

    door fitment?

    Just a quick question will a 1986-87 door fit on a 90 ranger?
  18. mitch4x4

    rare problem?

    I have a 1990 ford ranger xlt 4x4 with the 2.9 and its a automatic. Well the shifter linkage for the transmission broke right at the firewall where that little metal piece moves to selects the gear so now all i have is a metal wire type thing do they sell new linkages or am i screwed.:mad:
  19. mitch4x4

    Light Bar

    Im thinking of getting a roll bar and mounting some lights to the top of it. I know 1000s of other people have done this, if you have one post up some pics i would like some ideas.
  20. mitch4x4

    90 Ranger box

    Hey guys this is a weird question but what holds on a stock ranger box, and if anyone has ever taken one off could they put up some pics. The reason i ask is i have a non stock box on my truck and i don't want to go out and get a box and find out the previous owner hacked some stuff off. Oh and...