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  1. SadieJ709

    2.3L ('83-'97) So.... Still Need Help..... Freezing My Thighs Off Every Time I Drive

    Alrighty guys, and suggestions as to why Rudy's heater decided to randomly desire to not work anymore? I usually can laugh it off but this morning my thighs literally felt like some nice Round cuts of meat... that just got pulled out of an ESKIMO'S DEEP FREEZER ....ughhhh.... please help me be...
  2. SadieJ709

    2.3L ('83-'97) Plenty of Problems: Now What?!

    Rudy wouldn't start up last night... First the shifting problem and then he wouldn't start. I gotta get this figured out! I just got his transmission done maybe 6 months ago at the most. Wtf! Someone help me please I can't let him for!
  3. SadieJ709

    2.3L ('83-'97) Plenty of Problems Popping Up: Just The Beginning

    I'm going to start out with the most recent problem that has popped up for the first time last night! Just last night actually/unfortunetly........ I went to pick up a friend who needed my help with a little moving and obviously I was more than happy to help When I arrived to pick my friend up...
  4. SadieJ709

    1997 Ford Ranger xlt Dome Light(s) Dilema

    First post ever on here, so bare with me & cut me a little slack lol. I recently inherited my little 1997 Ford ranger xlt from my aunt who had it given to her by my other aunt (her sister), and i already knew and was looking forward to working on my new (to me) truck. My original problem was...