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  1. shane96ranger

    Restoring the old Eight Nine Stang

    Well... this is where I got it to. I have way too much going on with the house to get it complete and in the Mustang.... so I tucked it away for a winter nap.
  2. shane96ranger

    My 98 Expy Project

    My Buddy that owns a transmission shop had a customer drop off a 98 Expedition and a used trans and t-case at his shop. The original trans a transfer case were both had broken cases. He installed the trans and transfer case, and that was the last he saw of them. After sitting for 3 years, he...
  3. shane96ranger

    Another question for the Ford techs

    My 06 Escape has a brake pedal "creak". It doesn't do it 100% of the time, but it's a little more frequent when the temp is hotter outside. My Wife says the brakes don't feel as good as they used to, although they feel fine to me.... but I drive a Fox Body Mustang, so dragging a stick out the...
  4. shane96ranger

    A/C help required on my F150

    The other day I noticed my A/C compressor had a little green stuff dripping off of it. At first I thought it was anti-freeze, and then I smelled it. No sir, that was PAG oil. Thus far I've had zero issues with the A/C. It gets the cab cold like a meat locker, same as always. So I am pretty...
  5. shane96ranger

    2004 ford ranger missing badly...

    Sometimes plugs can have cracks in the ceramic that you can't see. Did you by chance have them shipped via UPS, where the delivery man may have recreated the scene from Ace Ventura?
  6. shane96ranger

    Temp gauge spiked, then normal?

    You checked the overflow for fluid, but did you check the radiator? Start there, and tell us the condition of the antifreeze. It sounds to me like you may be low, but you really need to find out where it's going if so.
  7. shane96ranger

    2008 PSD has no boost

    My BIL has an 08 F350 6.4 PSD that is not getting boost. Right when it happened the "drive to clean exhaust" filter message appeared. This thing is a danger on the road to even drive.... can't go over 45 mph. I am a simpleton when it comes to diesels .... any ideas what I can check? No CEL...
  8. shane96ranger

    GM Vs Ford Axles

    Agreed... the full float looks like this:
  9. shane96ranger

    Need help finding a doctor

    Well said. I've seen these same circumstances at Primary Childrens here in Utah. We put my daughter in the wagon for tonsils and adenoids, but some of those kids are terminally ill. It's gut wrenching.
  10. shane96ranger

    Need help finding a doctor

    When it comes to my kids, I'd even go as far as to sign up on a Dodge forum. Anything goes when it comes to my kids and their health and well being. It tears me up seeing them in pain. Sent from a Commodore 64 using a 300 baud modem
  11. shane96ranger

    GM Vs Ford Axles

    Unfortunately, lots of the Jeep guys like the Explorer axles as well. So yeah, sometimes they are hard to locate at the yard. If you got one out of a Ranger, it's a very straight forward swap. Any 4.0 (and maybe 3.0?) Ranger will have one.
  12. shane96ranger

    GM Vs Ford Axles

    This is what I was talking about.
  13. shane96ranger

    GM Vs Ford Axles

    Thanks SVT. Hey, when you broke an axle, what made you stranded? I thought I read somewhere that the caliper would hold it in there well enough in an occasion like that. Or were you using a drum? Sent from a Commodore 64 using a 300 baud modem
  14. shane96ranger

    GM Vs Ford Axles

    What vehicle used the Sterling? Sent from a Commodore 64 using a 300 baud modem
  15. shane96ranger

    GM Vs Ford Axles

    The 8.8 is a very capable rear end. It is Fords second most versatile differential IMO. I've owned several over the years, and they are rock solid reliable. You can get one out of a 95-01 Explorer with disc brakes, and they have 31 spline axles. Also, a limited slip is an option - so you may get...
  16. shane96ranger

    GM Vs Ford Axles

    X1000000000 Why do you think GM guys run a Ford 9 inch?
  17. shane96ranger

    Tired of messing with this Escape. Listen to video - what is it?

    This is bearing number 3 we have replaced in my Brothers Escape. Is there anything I haven't thought of, that could produce this sound? As you can tell, it gets worse when the wheel goes to the left, and disappears when it goes right. Also replaced the CV axle, and it didn't change. Rotating the...
  18. shane96ranger

    Any thoughts on grounding my radiator?

    I was cruising around in the forum I just joined (it sucks) for F150's. While reading this, keep in mind the OEM radiator lasted 208,000 miles - and I don't think my heater core has been changed (knock on wood). I read on the F150 forum that the heater core on my F150 is grounded from the...
  19. shane96ranger

    Ford Racing water pump questions

    My Edelbrock pump took a crap on me (see my video), so I obviously need a new pump. I've been looking around for a high volume pump, and the most cost effective piece I can find is the Ford Racing M-8501-C50 pump. One hesitation I have is this pump says it "provides good flow and pressure...