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  1. Sean4818

    3.0 Auto -->> 3.0 manual ECU

    I'm doing a automatic to manual transmission swap on my 1998 Ford Ranger 3.0 auto 2WD. While doing my research about automatic to manual transmission swaps, ive come across the fact that the engine runs different for automatics than manuals. I was wondering what ECU I could use to make the swap...
  2. Sean4818

    3.0 bellhousing bolt pattern.

    1998 Ford Ranger 3.0 V6 RWD. Just a real quick question😅 did they ever change the bellhousing bolt pattern on the Vulcan 3.0 V6 engine? If so what years are interchangeable?
  3. Sean4818

    Help me pick an oil, should I/how should I switch to synthetic

    I've been running Mobil 1 (fully synthetic 5w 30 high mileage) oil for about 3 years now and never had a problem. It says you can go for about ten thousand miles but just to be safe I change it around 6k-7.5k.
  4. Sean4818

    3.0 Auto 2WD --> 3.0 Manual 2WD

    Are the transmission supports for the automatic and the manual the same?
  5. Sean4818

    3.0 Auto 2WD --> 3.0 Manual 2WD

    Does the M5OD-R1 have solenoids?
  6. Sean4818

    3.0 Auto 2WD --> 3.0 Manual 2WD

    Thanks for the info!
  7. Sean4818

    3.0 Auto 2WD --> 3.0 Manual 2WD

    Hello! Ive had my 98 3.0 Auto 2WD Ranger (192k) for a few years now and I was wondering what I would need for a manual swap besides the transmission.