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  1. Alan_nc

    Wheel Size and Availability

    94, 3.0, Auto, 2wd There is a 14" and 15" option on this year. For 15" x 7" wheels: Do they look the same as the 14" Are there other Ford vehicles that have the same size wheel (with the same bolt pattern)? I have read threads talking about a depth issue - I'm looking for...
  2. Alan_nc

    Tire Question

    94,3.0, 2wd, splash, auto Currently has P225/70R14 tires The truck is not driven real regular and I'm try to get away for the least I can for new tires. P195/70R14 tires are over $100 less. I check the actual measurement differences. I know the speedo will be slightly off and they will wear...
  3. Alan_nc

    Front Seats

    I've got a 94, 3.0, 2wd, auto extended cab (splash). Will a passenger seat bolt directly into the drivers seat position? My problem: My drivers seat is really beat down as most are. That is the seat that is always sat in. When you go to a junk yard the drivers seat is always in worse...
  4. Alan_nc

    Computer Replacement:

    94, 3.0, Auto, 2 wd I have always had to run my fuel pump with a seperate switch. Works fine but I really would like it to come on with the ignition switch.Thought it might be a computer problem. Fellow doing a V8 swap with the exact same year and drive train offered to give me his computer...
  5. Alan_nc

    Southern Weather

    Wonderful day in Central NC. Power out all day. Had to run generator all day. Looking at the trees and the weather predictions we're in for a couple more days of this.
  6. Alan_nc

    Computer - Year Compatibility

    I'm sorry, I know it's here somewhere but I can't find it. I have a 94 sport extended cab, 2wd, 3.0, Auto What year computers can I interchange with my current unit? Thanks in advance.
  7. Alan_nc

    Tuesday Evening

    So…. Are you going to watch TV tonight or go to bed early?
  8. Alan_nc

    Can You Explain

    So I have a 94 3.0 auto 2wd Saw this post on craigslist today. Central NC if you are interested. Says it's a 94 but the dash is totally different than mine. I have a push/pull knob for the headlights and the steering wheel looks to me like it has an air bag - I don't . Can someone explain the...
  9. Alan_nc

    For Sale 88 on Craigslist

    Thought this looked interesting. In NC https://greensboro.craigslist.org/pts/d/providence-1988-ford-ranger-gt1200obo/7212894289.html
  10. Alan_nc

    Auto Parts Stores

    So I'm replacing the u joints and carrier bearing. After struggling with one of the joints I pull it apart to find that it has a broken roller bearing. O.K......disassemble what I have together and take parts to store (it was Advanced Auto - but I think they are all the same). Kid doesn't...
  11. Alan_nc

    Universal Removal?

    94, 3.0, auto, two piece drive shaft. Have removed drive shafts and am trying to pushout the universals. Several are really stuck. Have been shooting them with PB blast. I have a vise and have tried using that to push them out but not a lot of luck. Any tricks or suggestions would be...
  12. Alan_nc

    Strange I'll Call it wheel hop

    94, 3.0, Auto After the truck warms up and I have been driving for several miles I "sometimes" get an action that feels like I have a flat tire. On a definite rotation cycle I get a thump or bump like a tire was hitting a bad spot. Seems to go away if you continue to drive. It is sever...
  13. Alan_nc

    Seat replacement ?

    93 Extended cab, 3.0, Auto Looked at some of the old seat change threads and it looks like Fox body mustangs should be a direct swap. My questions is will you end up sitting lower in the cab with mustang seats?
  14. Alan_nc

    Power Steering Question

    94, 3.0, Auto (running fine - at the moment) So the steering on the truck is way to easy. You can't feel the road at all. Almost no effort to turn the steering wheel. I have had several newer trucks and cars and all had more feeling (steering wheel was harder to turn) in the steering even...
  15. Alan_nc

    One more minor irritating problem.

    First thanks to all for putting up with my questions: 94 3.0, Auto, Runs great, starts right up. But: in 30 minutes of town driving it will die once at a light or stop sign (starts right up again with no problem). I have: Changed IAC and Temp sensor, air filter, fuel filter - drained old...
  16. Alan_nc

    EGR Control Switch & EGR Valve?

    94 Ranger, 3.0, Auto The EGR control switch has two tubes coming off the bottom portion of it. One goes to the EGR valve. Are either of these vacuum lines?
  17. Alan_nc

    Gym Closed?

    Have I got the solution for you: Day One: Change rusty shocks on 94 Ranger 1. Crawl under and wiggle to position to reach shock Yoga instructor gives you 10 points for technique 2. Wrench on 1st bolt - pull till it really hurts CrossFit instructor tells you to "keep it up" on 7 more...
  18. Alan_nc

    Wanted Shocks

    94, 3.0, Auto, extended cab. Looking for a set of stock shocks. Mine are totally shot but not ready to put out the big bucks for replacement at the moment. Maybe someone pulled off a completely good set to upgrade. I'm in the center portion of N.C. Thanks in advance.
  19. Alan_nc

    IAC Test Question?

    94 Ranger, 3.0, Auto, AC So I've done the IAC checks with the engine running. I was watching a video of how to check an IAC (on a Toyota) and he applied voltage to it on the bench to check if it would open and close. Sooooo….can I do this on my IAC? And if I can do this: What voltage and to...
  20. Alan_nc

    Fuel Pressure Questions

    94 3.0, auto Engine runs fine but dies every now and then when you come to a stop. Engine vacuum is 17-20 Borrowed a fuel pressure tester from Autozone. KOEO 39-40 # Engine running gage goes to 30# At idle or when revved. Goes up and down maybe 1# as you rev it or return to idle. Let engine...