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  1. Wicked_Sludge

    How's your 5-speed tranny holding up?

    the M5OD is the best transmission ford put in the ranger, it generally outlasts whatever powerplant its attached to.
  2. Wicked_Sludge

    Look what just arrived...

    ive seen that thing sticking off the front of beams before and have often wondered what it was. i was under an '05 e-series van last week that had the same odd protrusion.... sexy beams though. how about some shots of the whole truck?
  3. Wicked_Sludge

    Can it be done?

    anything can be done with enough time, money, and oxy-acetylene :icon_thumby:
  4. Wicked_Sludge

    duratec 2.3

    '01 is a split year. the duratec started after the second quarter.
  5. Wicked_Sludge

    duratec 2.3

    the duratec has over 30 more HP than your lima, its a much more peppy engine. there are a multitude of factors that could have lead to your dis-satisfying test drive. gearing, tire size, truck weight, transmission option, etc...all will dramatically effect the way a truck drives. but all...
  6. Wicked_Sludge

    Downside of the 2.3l duratec?

    the engine is designed to turn those kind of RPMs...you wont hurt it by doing so.
  7. Wicked_Sludge

    Help! Truck won't start, Theft Flashing

    the theft light doesnt flash error codes, it just flashes. your key isnt communicating to the security module anymore. youll have to have the dealer repair the problem, since only they have access to the security module for key programming and the like.
  8. Wicked_Sludge

    Dell laptop battery and general battery confusion

    maybe its the lack of sleep, or maybe dell is lying....but heres my deal: old dell inspiron notebook. original battery died after so many years. took it apart to find they used 8 slightly-larger-than-AA-cell batteries to make the pack. thats fine, the computer is plugged in most of the time, so...
  9. Wicked_Sludge

    Primium Fuel (advantage?)

    if your engine is running properly, a stock engine will not activate the knock sensor. if your loosing timing regularly, you have a problem (excess carbon build-up is a common cause).
  10. Wicked_Sludge

    Primium Fuel (advantage?)

    wow...you have absolutely no idea what your talking about. racing fuel is run in engines with high compression or high levels of forced induction. not on a naturally asperated 9:1 engines. octane has nothing to do with oxygen. a higher octane fuel is more resistant to combustion, which is why...
  11. Wicked_Sludge

    Primium Fuel (advantage?)

    agree with what? if you "notice" higher octane fuel in your truck its because you want to believe its making a difference. your truck is tuned for 87 octane and it has no idea if your running a higher rating.
  12. Wicked_Sludge

    Ford or Mazda 2.3?

    ford owns a percentage of mazda. if you took the body off of a ranger and the body off of a mazda, you wouldnt know which was which. they use the EXACT same components. FYI, if you have a 5-speed in your truck, its built by mazda, not ford. and the 2.3L duratec...that started in a mazda too...
  13. Wicked_Sludge

    Ford or Mazda 2.3?

    the rangers and B-series mazda pickups are mechanically identical. the only difference between the two is skin deep (sheet metal, emblems, wheels, etc).
  14. Wicked_Sludge

    easier way to drop rpms

    im sure if a guy really wanted to get into it he could design a tune that brought the idle down faster...but thats an aweful lot of work for something thats little more than an annoyance :dunno:
  15. Wicked_Sludge

    easier way to drop rpms

    drill a larger hole in your restrictor plate. the hose is doing the exact same thing as a restrictor plate. if the hose works, there should be absolutely no reason a plate should work. its just a matter of tuning it to function like you want it to.
  16. Wicked_Sludge

    easier way to drop rpms

    until it gets hard and brittle from repeated heating and cooling and starts to spit dry-rotted chunks of rubber into the cylinders :icon_thumby:
  17. Wicked_Sludge

    easier way to drop rpms

    shoving foreign objects in the intake is a very bad idea :icon_surprised:
  18. Wicked_Sludge

    Infuriating water leak!

    Passanger rear corner of the cab keeps getting soaked. First i thought it was the 3rd brake light, then the rear window, now I'm thinking its the body seam where the back, side, and top of the cab all come together. today i layed packing tape down over the body seam in question and the leak...