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  1. 95XL

    Lets See Your Flat Deck Pics!

    I'm looking to see what everyone has done to their Ranger's as far as Flat Decks/Beds. I'm converting my Ranger into a dually, and was going to modify my bed to have flared fenders, but I've recently decided that I would much rather have a "mini-hauler" type look. I want to have something...
  2. 95XL

    Front D60 Gear Question

    I've got a D60 Front from a Dodge 2500 I'm going to be swapping into my Ranger, with the central axle disconnect instead of lockouts. It's low pinion, and I was just wondering what type of gears I need for it. Are they standard or reverse cut? Thanks.
  3. 95XL

    D60 Rear Swap, Driveshaft Length

    Ok, I just got done strapping a D60 in the rear of my Ranger, and thats as far as I've gotten so far, I went to see how the driveshaft looks for length and realized it needs to be shortened. I'm using a conversion joint for the U-Joint to go from the small Ranger joint to the larger D60 joint...
  4. 95XL

    Mating Transfer Case to 2wd Tranny

    I'm trying to put together all the pieces to swap an Isuzu 4BT diesel into my Ranger. I've been over to the 4BD swaps forums, and there is a guy there that can mate a Dodge NV4500 5spd tranny to the bellhousing of the isuzu motors. The only problem is, the only 5spds at my local junkyards are...
  5. 95XL

    Painting Coil Springs

    I recently purchased a used set of fox shocks for my sled, and they came with the coil springs. The only problem is that the springs are purple, everything else on my sled is red or black. I want to re-paint them red, what is a decent bomb-can type paint that will hold up to the constant flexing...
  6. 95XL

    SAS Leaf Spring Ques.

    I'm in the process of doing an SAS on my ranger, I've got a GM 10 Bolt from an '86 3/4 ton suburban. I want to go to a leaf sprung front end and was wondering what everybody else who is running front leaves used. I was thinking of going back to the yard and pulling the leaves out of the burban I...
  7. 95XL

    Flipping axle tubes?

    No no, it's not what you think, read before answering. After much thought and deliberation, I've decided to go with a full width Dana 60 on the front of my truck. I've been searching around craigslist and ebay for a few weeks now, and the guys on there want outragious prices for a Ford or Dodge...
  8. 95XL

    Dana 70 TTB?!?

    So, I found a set of axles off of a 1980 F-250. The rear was a Dana 70 Full Float, the guy wasn't sure what the front was, but he assumed it was a Dana 70. The front is a TTB setup with the 8 lug hubs. Did they ever even make a D70 front, or put one in a TTB in the F250/350's? I am hoping it is...
  9. 95XL

    Dana 60 SAS

    Wow, it's been a while since I've been around here. Ok, as some of you may recall, I was in the process of doing a dual wheel conversion on my Ranger (Which I still am in the process of, I just don't have the financial support that I need). I am putting a Dana 60 Full Float in the rear, and...
  10. 95XL

    Isuzu 4BD Diesel Swap

    I know a guy I work with that has a couple of Isuzu 4BD's that came out of those ugly looking cab-over cube vans. He said one runs, and the other has a broken valve, but I should be able to use it as a parts engine for the one that runs. One has a regular turbo, and the other has a turbo with an...
  11. 95XL

    Time to retire the Ranger

    Yup, thats right, I had to go bigger, I'm making my Ranger into a mock 1-ton anyways, so I figured I might as well buy the real thing while I'm at it... I picked up a 2002 F-350 with the 7.3L Power Stroke, its a crew cab with an 8' bed, and it's a beast to park. No more swinging into tight...
  12. 95XL

    Drive Shaft Question

    Ummm... I didn't really know what topic to put this under, but here it goes... I'm looking to have a custom driveshaft made to go from my current, stock, transfer case to hook up with a Dana 60 Rearend. Now, this truck being my daily driver, I would rather grab one from a junkyard, take it to...
  13. 95XL

    Sterling 10.25

    Hey, I'm looking into swapping a full float Sterling 10.25 into my Ranger, and just had a couple of questions about it. The only thing I'm really concerned about is the master cylinder for the brakes. The Sterling has some huge drums compared to the 7.5" or 8.8". Is my stock master cylinder...
  14. 95XL

    Stepside Fender Repairs

    I've got a set of stepside bedsides in need of a little repair work. I got them off a truck that had been rolled, but the bed was still decent. Only the passenger side needs repair. it has a few cracks near the front. Would it be ok to drill out the ends of the cracks, to keep them from...
  15. 95XL

    C-Clip Eliminators VS Full Float

    I've been trying to do some research but have come up short on what I want to know about these two things. I've seen C-clip eliminator kits for the 8.8's, and was wondering what they do, as compared to a full float rear axle. As I understand it, in a full floating rear axle the only thing the...
  16. 95XL

    Gibson Side Swept on 2.3L

    Does anybody have any experience with this sytem? I ordered one for my truck because I got pulled over for a loud exhaust the other day (My stock system has been shot for a while). I've been reading reviews, and they seemed good, but not specific to the ranger. What are your thoughts?
  17. 95XL

    My Radio Quit Working!

    Ok, this all started a couple of months ago, every so often when I started my truck my radio wouldn't turn on, then after about 1/2 hour it would miraculously come on. I would maybe do that 2 or 3 times a month, then recently the other day, I started my truck and it didn't come on again, but it...
  18. 95XL

    Step side fenders on regular bed

    As some of you may know, I'm currently in the process of doing a dually conversion on my ranger. I ordered the fenders from JC Whitney, but the cancelled my order, because the company that makes them said that they wouldn't fit my truck (even though the description says they fit rangers from...
  19. 95XL

    General Grabber AT2's

    Is anybody running them? If so, how many miles and whats your tread wear like? I'll mainly be using my truck on-road, but might haul the occaisional thing through a field or something. So if you have them, what are your impressions?
  20. 95XL

    Holy S**t Grips

    Does anybody know if any of the gen 3 Rangers came with the handles on the ceiling, or the front column in front of the door? I have a 95 XL (Hence the name), and it doesn't have them at all, but I'd like to snag some from the junkyard to help the old lady climb in. I've taken those panels off...